Eye Popping Drawing on Math Exam


One never knows where one may run into high end art work it seems. A bored artist taking this math exam decided to while away his time drawing a striking picture of a human eye rather than attempting to answer a challenging bonus question. The bonus question dealt with the abstract notation  associated with graphing transformations.

I sometimes think that mathematics is far too rigid for many artistic types. At least the artist who took this mathematics exam appears to feel this way!

Striking drawing of a human eye on a math exam



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  1. Now that is some artistic talent. Get that kid out of the precalculus class and enrolled in an art institute somewhere. The teacher could make more as the kids agent than Being math teacher

    1. The drawing of eye is only above average. The bored student should check out behance.net which has resources and forums for budding artists to display their work and network for creative jobs.

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