$1000 Reward Offered for Return of Valued Possession


New Mexico has the highest unemployment rate in the United States of America. I do believe that has a great deal to do with the high levels of theft, burglary, and crime in general. The local newspaper publishes long lists of shoplifters and other criminal actions consistent with the desperation associated with a shortage of jobs.

I believe Aracario Franco would concur as he is willing to pay a $1000 reward for any tips from the general public that will lead to the return of his 1967 GTO frame and body. Mr Franco was able to determine, through public records I surmise, who sold the his stolen property.

He also states that the Hagerman police were of no assistance and the presiding judge found no fault with the alleged criminals. His only hope of regaining possession of his treaured 50 year old car frame is for the public to help him determine the name of the buyer.

In this depressing set of circumstances where the legal system appears to have failed Aracario, I hope scrupulous and concerned citizens will rise up an provide much needed help to a member of their community. Call this gentleman at 575-626-3676 to send a message to the scofflaws who believe it is OK to steal and profit from another man’s prized possession.




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  1. RDR reporter trevier Gonzalez, in poor taste, makes fun of shoplifter Travis Thieleman for botched K-Mart robbery. Trevier said Travis missed out on savings in attempt to be funny.

    Thieleman tried to escape law enforcement by fleeing on the roof of Pueblo de chamisa apartments. I suspect the perpetrator has done this roof top escape multiple times prior to being caught. Our town full of many lowlife crooks.

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