A Career Wrecking form of Employment


Every father wants his daughter to have the best in life. So much that Dad will make personal sacrifices, work two jobs, tolerate jerk bossess, etc  for the betterment of his baby girl.

The attractive blond you see in the picture surely could have found another profession other than the one suggested by the picture you see. Her well developed anatomical feature just below the waist, missing in the picture, makes her an ideal employee in an industry that has exploited men and women for ages. Human desire to view others having unconventional sex is how this young woman, daddy’s girl, earned her money.

She became an internet star via searches like from behind, standing up,facial and other lecherous phrases that evoke the very dark side of human sexuality. Sadly, some of the men who view her being mounted by a black man could be her uncle or even grandfather.

Had she not been born an attractive woman with a lascivious, prurient, lustful figure, she may well have become and accountant, school teacher, or some other professional earning good many and rasing a family. However, now she runs the risk of being in job inteview by human resources man who has watched her being compromised by and enjoying deviant sex with a well endowed black man.

She was some proud father's innocent daughter 20 years ago.
She was some proud father’s innocent daughter 20 years ago.

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  1. This article highlights the fine line between making it financially and not making it and having to sell out to the porn industry industry in the process. The attractive blond with the perfect ass is damaged goods for life whereas MICHAEL BARBARO and MEGAN TWOHEY

    are not so subtly trying to slander and defame Donald J. Trump for asking Rowanne Brewer Lane to change out of her clothes a few minutes after he met her. Rowanne has had a good life ever since, but the porn star has scant chances of a lucrative career and will likely not live a healthy full life given the size of the members penetrating her posterior.

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