A City Council Urinal Analogy


I think many citizens of Roswell,NM are still wondering what happened to Keith Bell. I overheard a conversation at a checkout line in Walmart between the cashier and an entire family of people who loved the guy. The father had called the Roswell Daily Record and, from what I could make out, was given the run around and no direct answer as to why Keith was no longer employed there.

If you read the other comment threads on this blog, you will find that the talented social commentator and cartoonist was fired abruptly by the relatively new editorializing liberal ownership.

Bell was the first go public with our community’s  general dissatisfaction of our school district’s leadership  which may have had a lot to do with his termination. Two school board members, including the esteemed Eloy Ortega Jr., have resigned their posts in somewhat silent opposition to the Burris administration.

Anyway, back to Keith Bell who has quite the following and not just in Roswell. I found one of his cartoons posted on a national website whose niche appears to be “cartoonists who are willing to risk their employment” by drawing “right on the margin of civility” cartoons.

Many of you must know or have heard of the irascible former city council member Robert Maples. Maples, a former protestant NMMI chaplain according to aforementioned website, and former Roswell Mayor Bill Owen were frequently irritated by the petty discord present in city council meetings and interactions.

Maples apparently uttered something about everybody pissing on each other at city council meetings after a particularly abrasive exchange between various members. Perhaps this will make the appearance of the urinal in the below drawing more comprehensible. The caption directs Bob(Robert Maples) to piss in the urinal and not on the other 9 members of council. To one unaware of the actual circumstances, the cartoon seems to be a low blow directed at Maples when Keith’s actual intent was to convey the disharmony and infighting present within our turn of millennium city council.


Who couldn't miss the acerbic humor of this cartoonist?
Who couldn’t miss the acerbic humor of this cartoonist?

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  1. Let me tell you something. The start of the END for the city of Roswell was when Keith Bell was fired from the RDR! His talent in exposing corruption would have completely exposed the BS associated with Cahoon Pool being abruptly closed without the “due process” necessary for such an important decision. Do you know that around 15 Moms have suffered nervous breakdowns trying to handle irritable kids in the sweltering heat MINUS a cool refreshing pool that has served the city the last 80 summers or so! I would like to know who fired him and why. Nobody seems to know. You ask around town and nobody knows, but everybody misses him. That man told the truth. Hypocrisy and lies did not stand a chance against his watchdog ways.

    1. Jerry Heck reaffirms the sentiments of the community when he states things started going down hill when Barbara Beck FIRED Keith Bell. Sharyl Attkisson produced the neologism Newsgate to describe how democrats are trying to win election by controlling the media. The masses will see through it all and elect Trump.

      1. Jerry Heck immaturely Gloats in his letter over Trump’s evisceration of Evil Crooked lying Hillary in general election. Heck should be careful when out in public. This town is full of Trump haters. Thanks for being brave enough to write the letter to the editor Jerry. That took balls.

        Did you read article in RDR by Cokie and Steven Roberts stating trump can not run country by untruths? Can you believe these presumed syndicated columnists cannot come up with something better than the prevaricating politician theme?!?

        One has to search intensely where Hillary uttered a single paragraph not containing a falsehood. I thing Ellen has the hots for Kate McKinnon. She is bound to have an open marriage with all the sexy young dancing females she has on the show

        1. Somehow I don’t think Kelly McDonald and former NMMI employee Jerry Heck play golf together. Kelly was irritated at the way Heck mocked Democratic Party and her perception of his substandard critical thinking and grammar skills.

          1. A serious pissing contest sponsored by RDR is taking place between Kelly McDonald and J W Kopp. Kelly irreversibly tarnished her name with incoherent tripe she penned in letter to editor excoriating Jerry Heck. Believe Me Kelly, sully is not a strong enough term to characterize your erroneous assertions. Enough of your self importance and pseudo intellectual babble.

            1. J W Kopp rose above the mean spirited attacks of Kelly McDonald who must be related to editorializing bleeding heart editors of newspaper. Kelly attacked his grammar, critical thinking skills, honesty all because she and the her extreme left whiners LOST the election!!

          1. J.W. Kopp wastes his time trying to refute the hopelessly distorted extreme left views of Craig Abalos. Craig spends an enormous amount of time writing letters to editor. Next thing you know he will be expecting $15 per hour for his time.

            Mr Kopp, rest easily knowing that Abalos is miserable every day over his progressive/oppressive party LOSING to our savior who will soon kill the leader of North Korea. Thomas More’s vision is unachievable and Craig will while away his pathetic existence living on his meager government handouts. He is a punk who does not deserve a second more of your time.

            1. The statement made by Craig that “American working class deserves a better standard of living” is difficult to counter unless you considered the high volume of ignorant, lazy public school graduates/dropouts in the United States. Do you consider this group members of the “working class”? The concentration of these worthless, drag on society punks is particularly high in Roswell Mr Abalos! Do you believe these types deserve $15 per hour? I am interested in your viewpoint on this matter.

                1. Craig Abalos lives in parallel universe inhabited by lazy men who fancy themselves as intelligent. He insults citizens of Roswell by intimating they have not heard of UBI or Universal Basic Income.

                  His, miss my ex rich girl friend who earns enough money to not have to beg from government like Craig does, is weak and unmanly.

                  In his pathetic parallel world, he would force brilliant Bill Gates, who earned every penny of his 75 billion dollars, divide his wealth amongst wannabes like Abalos.

                  Craig is living in his self created hell where he is some kind of hybrid comprised wolf and sheep.

                  He is a sheep because he earns very little income. He is a wolf with his not so subtle written criticisms of the rich. GOP won the election because people like Craig make
                  Them nauseous. Like the old man said, Craig is more of a complainer than s bona fide activist.

                  1. Don Donigan, letter to editor, publicly challenges Mr Abalos for attempting to live off the fat of the land by implementing UBI. Abalos has to get use to the fact that Trump led government exposes low lifes who do not produce their own income.

                  2. Roswell business owner Fred Moran seems to be against raising minimum wage to $15 per hour. No surprise there, but I wonder if he is a proponent of UBI?

                    Also, I knew of Fred during his Canada days in Grand Falls. He was jeweler then and was huge Obama fan. Sure he is loving the effects of the Trump presidency!

              1. Yes, E. Phillips, every working adult deserves $15 an hour or a livable wage.

                I think that to call all minimum wage workers “punks” is more than a little cruel, and completely unnecessary.

                It only serves to dehumanize them, which makes it easier for you to hate them.

                1. I did not mean to say all minimum wage workers are punks, but quite a few of them are in that position because they have been irresponsible much of their lives. I have much contempt for the hell raisers in high school who sucked academically and more importantly gave the teacher hell being very disruptive! Those kind of people begging for a higher minimum wage and not getting it is justice for all the havoc they wreaked in high school. Would you disagree with that?

                  1. No, I would not, E. Phillips. I do not wish poverty upon anyone who works for a living.

                    Last I checked, most minimum wage jobs were in fact held by women who were also mothers.

                    Companies like Walmart pay many of their employees poorly knowing that the government will pick up the slack with on food stamps and medicaid.

                    Basically the Waltons, the owners of Walmart, the richest family in the world, is depending on taxpayers like you and me to keep their employees alive and healthy.

                    1. That is interesting, if I many jump in, because under Trump Medicaid stands to be extremely defunded, right? So Walmart and their employees do not have a friend in our commander and chief.

                    2. Craig Abalos is a poet, author and activist who uses much of his time to bash people with ambition(rich people in Craig’s limited vernacular)

                      He is lazy and intelligent, a tragic combination which produces individuals like him who complain rather than produce. Observe he never reveals how he earns his money. He writes about previous relationships where he did not get the girl or whines that people of his slothful ilk deserve a monthly paycheck paid for by folks who work for a living rather than crying once a week in their weekly RDR column.

                2. I loved your excellent and sensible recommendation for single-payer health care, but as you stated health insurance CEOs would vehemently oppose it implementation.

                  Also you would love Barbara Tuchman’s March of Folly if you have not already read it.

            2. Mr. Kopp,
              Would you agree that since Craig Abalos writes for the RDR that he should tell us a little about his past. Has he ever worked in the real world and produced significant income? What are his sources of income today? He clearly likes to smoke weed. I speculate he somehow achieved “disabled” status and lives off relatively meager fixed income.
              Mr Abalos’s ilk, as you pointed to in your letter to editor, is marginally above that of a beggar. An intelligent beggar who is an advocate of government handouts.

              After Trump finishes off ObamaCare and tax cuts for hard working Americans, perhaps he can initate legislation to renounce the citizenship of people who will not take care of themeselves without government handouts.

        2. New York Times writer MARK LILLA called outcome of election repugnant due to trumps ripping out the heart of Clinton machine and the lowlife bums who depend on them. If mark loses his job there, he may have to work at McDonalds

        3. It must be hell for the CNN guests these days! Another out of touch college professor Jonathan Sanders of Stoney Brook University School of Journalism was talking just as though people valued his opinion. Jon will dawdle off into obscurity probably some time before trumps second term in office. Don Lemon still seems to enjoy his job even though he sometimes gazes distantly into space not being able to conceal the magnitude of his disappointment.

        4. Cokie hit the nail on the head when she wrote about Slick Willie blaming the FBI and the Russians for his ineffective LESSER halfs crushing defeat in general election. Yes, being bill Clinton’s lesser half is a feat achieved by only the most depraved of characters.
          Paul Greenburg declared A Slick Willie is much worse than a garden variety liar. It is a particular subspecies of lying. It is a very lawyerly, sophisticated, elastic lie.

          So the democratic female apparatchik was laid bare by white men who saw through her subterfuge and indolent campaign strategies. Daniel Payne “writing at The Federalist” elucidates the corruption practiced by the Clinton Foundation and the numerous sexual escapades of the the BETTER half of the rapidly sinking Clinton team.

          1. You have to read the piece by Mark Alexander writing for the patriot post. He assigns the moniker Slick Hillie to the lousiest campaigner in the history of the general election. She got outworked and outsmarted at every critical juncture.
            Her capacity to tell egregious fibs was easily discerned by the electorate. Her “unscheduled” meeting with AG Loretta Lynch at Phoenix airport tarmac assuring her FBI would not indict, her carte blanche use of private email server, and her overt disregard for the Thomas Jefferson quote about the ill effects of perpetual, constant, overt lying produced the most ludicrous example ever of a political insider becoming an impotent spectator in the history of high level politics

          2. Even venerated actress Meryl Streep wasted precious golden globe moments whining about our president elects Interaction with disabled New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski. Streep should speak with Kovaleski to determine the truth.

            Meanwhile Meryl your party got crushed because of your lazy ass candidate with no message. All the celebrity endorsements did not help your entitlement party in general election AND your unwillingness to accept trump’s legitimacy as YOUR president severely tarnished your body of work.

            Natalie Robehmed wrote beautiful piece lucidly enumerating the many out of touch celebrities who weighed in for woman who siphoned money from Clinton foundation for personal gain, perjured herself to FBI, ruthlessly eliminated Bernie sanders who actually had a chance to beat Trump

            1. Columnist Linda Kral of Roswell New Mexico noticed the hypocrisy and travesty of Meryl Streep’s Trump Tirade. It’s fun watching all these voiceless movie stars coming to grips with the fact they didn’t make difference before the election and even less of an impact after. The next phase for their demise will be their realization they are being IGNORED.

              Thank you mrs Barbara Beck for giving conservatives more than ample print space in your fairly produced newspaper!

              1. Linda certainly could claim Piers Morgan as a kindred spririt. Piers reminded many of the time when Streep recognized a known child rapist with a sonorous round of applause. Meryl was well aware of the brutality of the violent family destroying rape of young girl, but like all out of touch left wing head cases felt rehab would be the right path for the monster that ruined the the promising of future of the young lady by brutally deflowering her.

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