A Lady who made Sound Pregnancy Decisions


Nothing but respect for Chelsea Handler who had two abortions when she was 16.  The sex drive at that age is tough to control. If it were not, then our species would not be that successful. Human males and females are pretty much in heat year round and Chelsea, at age 16, made some unsound decisions, like the rest of us, due to an extremely strong sexual impulse.

Now 41 years of age, she admits that she was having unprotected sex with her boyfriend at the time and was in a not particularly stable relationship. She considered options other than abortion, but realized without an education and some direction that her child would grow up without much of a chance to compete in the rat race. Moreover, the father was also unprepared for the challenges of fatherhood including the pressure of producing income, also, with a minimal education and no skilled vocation to practice.

She was also farsighted enough to be aware of the potential for environmental learning disabilities for her children at that age. A perfectly healthy child with no genetic issues can become learning disabled just by growing up in a stressful unplanned family which would have likely been the case with her progeny.

Chelsea Handler has withstood much criticism from zealots, like the late Paul Hill, who believe abortion is unconditionally wrong, but her decisions NOT to bring a new life into the world at age 16 was rational and prudent AND inspirational to all young teenagers who are grappling with the same problems. BE DAMN SURE BEFORE YOU BRING A NEW LIFE INTO THIS WORLD!


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