A London cyber scam from 2003


This cyber fraud piece comes to us from London way back in December of 2003.

Cyber blackmail criminals are intimidating office workers,
threatening to delete computer files or install pornographic JPEGS
on their work personal computes unless they pay a ransom.

The extortion scheme, which is believed to have started approximately one year ago,
targets upwardly mobile corporate ladder aspirants with a PC
connected to the Internet.  It typically starts with a threatening e-mail in which the author
claims to have the tech savvy  to take over an employee’s computer through
weakness in the corporate network, cyber pundits declare.
The e-mail usually contains a demand that unless a small fee is
paid , no more than $20 or $30, they will attack the PC
with a file-wiping program or download onto the machine pictures of
child pornography.

They prey on the friendly secretary who would only view porn at home and NOT at work.
She, afraid of losing her job, eagerly gives the cyber predators her credit card information and the snowball begins to roll.

Conventional wisdom admonishes  against cooperating with the fraudsters. If they perceive you as a soft target who will acquiesce to their demands at the drop of a hat, then they will likely spoof your PC again demanding even more money!  Moreover, one can just tell their boss who likely already knows they tendencies of all his employees. Boss would certainly know it was an attack on computer versus improprieties committed by worker.


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