A loving family Minus their precious daughter


Experiencing another’s loss can really hurt.
The first thing we noticed when we walked into WAN JIA LE Asian food store in El Paso,Texas was a Missing child donation collection jar. I had seen these type of collection jars before, but something about this one made feel as though my own daughter was missing and I wanted so much to hug the parents of this little girl.

Theresa Martinez has been missing since November 1 2013. There has been apparently no information released on whether she was abducted with a ransom demand or if she wandered off never to be seen again.

I can not begin to fathom the void her parents and siblings must be trying to fill waking up everyday hoping good news will drive away the despondency and depression that has to accompany such a tragic loss.

If Theresa was kidnapped, the perpetrator, in many ways, has committed an offense far worse than rape or murder. Why? At least with these two hideous and unforgivable crimes, ┬áTheresa’s family would know exactly what had happened to their daughter. However, with a kidnapping, there is absolutely no closure about what misfortune befell their precious daughter.

If the perpetrator is apprehended, the cruel and unusual punishment part of our country’s meting of justice should be waived AND her family should be allowed to choose the method of the kidnapper’s, hopefully public, execution.

I believe severe enough punishments for these type of family destroying crimes would serve as a significant deterrent and families would not have to endure these type of traumas as often as they do these days where hard core criminals are not being punished as harshly as they need to be!

Devastating Missing Child Report
Devastating Missing Child Report

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