A single Teacher Making a Difference


I find it odd that the majority of readers do not naturally recognize signal words or phrases in either expository or fiction text.  A reading textbook, wholeheartedly endorsed by Dr Wallace Thompson, polymath and gentleman in Portales,NM,  by Harvey and Goudvis does a marvelous job of training marginal readers to be aware of words and phrases like on the other hand, contrasted with, for instance, in fact, most important an so on.

Given his stature as a University Professor, I am sure he shares his frustrations with colleagues. He must wonder why fledgling readers need to be told about pieces of text that are Harbingers  or signals of information the authors deem important, but I guess that is why University Educators get paid the big bucks. These same educators have to set aside some of their earnings for legal fees in this era of litigation against tenured professors.

A close friend took a course from Wally Thompson at Eastern New Mexico University. He never met the venerated teacher because course was set up on the internet. Dr Thompson would be ecstatic to learn my dear friend is now a well respected teacher in poor school district in northern NM! Thanks for your tireless and compassionate approach Doctor, adding an energetic and committed educator to a struggling educational system.

The authors of Strategies that Work would be happy to know I read their book every morning in the bathroom while sitting on the commode. That is the place where serious reading comprehension happens!


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