A test for Measuring Capacity to be Intimate


The development of an abstract design test to measure the capacity for intimacy. What is nuts about this Yale Medical School PHD thesis description is that I understand every word of it and understand why the PHD candidate Dorothy Otnow Lewis.( Probably just Dorothy Otnow at the time) was so excited about the criminal law implications of creating such an intimacy test.

Otnow believed that inability to build and nurture intimate relationships was directly related to sociopathic behavior and unhealthy isolation from family and friends. She also mentioned the Freudian connection between aggression and sex intimating that lack of intimacy and sex could lead to violence and even murderous action.

Also capacity for intimacy and capacity for hate and loneliness are inversely related as evidenced by her interviews(shall we call them intimate?) with infamous serial killers like Ted Bundy.

So only the most obtuse observer would not acknowledge the value of a quantitative way to measure one’s ability to create and sustain intimate and sharing relationships. A male who scored low on such a test could become a serial killer or rapist if one agrees there is a strong positive correlation between inability to be intimate and hate. I would like to know if Dorothy’s intimacy test was ever used in law enforcement or any other setting as a predictive tool for violence against women for example.


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  1. Another Dorothy, Dr Dorothy McCoy, was also responsible for a crucial test, but this diagnostic was for potential police officers and attempted to sift out psychopaths,misogyny inclined men, control freaks etc.

    She was specifically interested in determining if a potential Law Enforcement Officer understood their “fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidations, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice.”

    In this age of perceived and provable police brutality, McCoy’s pursuits are indispensable.

  2. Otnow Lewis and her husband visited the penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas to study juveniles condemned to death row. The TV series Bones FBI guy would call them squints; academics who try to assist murder investigations and evidence gathering at crime scenes. Lewis was always fascinated with what leads a person to become violent and seemed to really enjoy being around it in order to understand it better even if it was under the pretense of “studying violence”.
    Her liberal colored lights shine through on page 228 of her book about NGRI when she posed the following question: Was it even ethical to execute Johnny Frank Garrett for a crime he truly believed he had not committed? Garrett murdered a nun, and of course, had no recollection of it stating he had been forced to perform felatio on blood relatives. Lewis does not get the meaning of the word ethical here with regard to societal actions versus individual actions. She apparently perceives herself as somebody smart enough to declare a known violent murderer is no longer a threat to kill again. This underscores another difference between liberals and conservatives. A conservative is smart enough to know such determinations can never be made or trusted independent of the number of PHDs somebody has! Dorothy, a psychiatrist, enjoys exploring the minds of killers. That’s cool woman, but have the sense to realize if somebody kills once, then they have proven they that capacity and will do it again if sufficiently agitated! You really want to be that person who said the killer is “over their problem” and then goes and rapes or kills your neighbor’s daughter?!?!? Pull your head out of your ass long enough to understand that simple truth. OH, congratulations on being the last person to kiss sex killer Bundy. I am sure that spiked your book sales.

    1. I also read guilty by reason of insanity. MD Lewis did a nice job providing insight into the minds of schizophrenic, psychotic killers. However, she turned the Amarillo Texas address 604 North Hayes Street into a tourist drive by. Was irresponsible to put complete address in her book. The dumpster at piggly wiggly where Johnny Garret used to scrummage for food was another place gawkers would view. He took Dilantin for seizures caused by being hit in the head with a lead pipe by the hands of his grandfather. Johnny was deprived of oxygen at birth. Never had a chance to be anything but a killer.

      I wonder if realtor Tamara Bonifield tells her clients about cock roaches falling from ceiling of the derelict stucco home or the sodomy and violence and incest that went on within its walls?

      1. ReMax sister team Janice and Jackie Valois had their name beneath an Under Contract For Sale sign in a 301 area code region in the yard of a stately two story home.

        Why do real estate agents leave the sign up if home is already sold? Probably to create an exaggerated sense of high demand. Maybe the are married to brothers. I am surprised NBR tv network did not blur out their name. Maybe sisters paid them for added name recognition

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