Agony of Defeat on game show Jeopardy


Nothing but respect for Monikka Mann of Katy, Texas who was a proficient Jeopardy contestant  wearing her heart on her sleeve and knew Edgar Allen Poe was not a well liked author even on his death bed.

She lost in a nail biting final jeopardy round by only $300 to jeopardy juggernaut PHD student PRANJAL VACHASPATI .

Told a long winded, but touching account about how her daughter helped their puppy communicate its need to go outside and poop. There is something quite lovable about a woman like her who is the personification of what you see is what you get. She had the audience laughing telling them how much she loved drinking.

The lady to her left in picture taught 33 years at same school which happened to be the one she attended!



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