Alan Turing would be Proud


Just read that Microsoft has created a voice recognition system as accurate as humans, with an error rate of just 5.9%, according to Microsoft’s Chief Speech Scientist Xuedong Huang. Huang did not cite any sources regarding the human voice recognition rate being higher than 5.9%.  Never believe a researcher’s word without independent third party verification which is hard to do these days with it being so east to just pay off somebody like an aging actor who has sold out. This sort of like believing Hillary Clinton will not attack the second amendment if the voters are foolish enough to elect her.
IBM Watson’s which performed better than most human jeopardy contestants was around a 7% error rate.  Expect IBM to allocate more resources to improve their voice recognition products. Voice assistant Cortana, Xbox, and other productivity tools should improve slightly now.

The Turing Test essentially says that if a machine acts in fashion that can not be discerned from a human, then you have artificial intelligence. Turing was an exceptionally talented homosexual computer programmer who helped allies crack enemy codes in the world war.


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