Alliteration’s Eternal Charm


The literary device of alliteration will never lose its appeal. Everybody knows the classic nursery rhyme  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers which is alliteration ad nauseum. I am here to report to you that a Denver Bronco linebacker got  offered a lot more than a peck of dollars to resign with the defending Super Bowl champions.

Arnie Stapleton, who is the Associated Press NFL writer, settled for a two word version of it when he wrote about the highest paid contract ever offered for a non-quarterback in the history of the National Football League.  He opened his article with “Von Miller practiced both pirouettes and patience this offseason.”

The second p was for his unwillingness to back down during the negotiations that led to the obscenely lucrative 114.5 million dollar deal. The first p was for his participation in Dancing With The Stars.

Stapleton pointed out that Miller’s exceptional Super Bowl performance was the reason Carolina’s overconfident Cam Newton could only sulk on the sideline and not engage reporters or fans after the game. Stapleton’s actual comment was Miller destroyed the Panther’s championship dreams.


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