Andrew Baker: Pharmacist


A Dad’s perspective after his daughter kills herself is frequently neglected. His over sensitive daughter,Hannah, could not deal with the protracted mating ritual called high school.

Andrew’s grief never seemed to really manifest, but rather transformed to a bullying lawsuit against the school for his daughter’s suicide. Jane Child, the vice principal at the 13 Reasons Why High School, was further proof institutions are afraid of litigation over the welfare of their students. She informed Black school counselor that he had no jurisdiction over a fight between students off the school property.

The entire Netflix original series can be reduced to the vicissitudes of extremely horny teenagers where young men are marginal psychopaths and the girls are vicious back stabbers.


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  1. I concur that Hannah Baker’s character is not very tough. Many kids have put up with more than her character in our nation’s war like high school hallways.

    Ask the parents of Bella Herndon and Priscilla Chui. Even Uncle Peter Chui of San Mateo says the show ownly affects a very small percentage of suicidal young people who could have been pushed to taking their own life by a multitude of reasons, not just the story about a fictitious high school in San Francisco area!

    Brain Yorkey, the writer of the show, is an entertainer not a therapist and can NOT be blamed for the death of weak people who don’t know how to cope!!

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