Another Reporter Creating Drama where there is none


Small town newspapers are probably much worse than larger metropolitan area newspapers with respect to typos and outright gaffes that could lead to a lawsuit. Such was the case with a couple of photographs in the article by Jeff Tucker of the Roswell Daily Record.

Tucker has written numerous times about a student assault that happened on the NMMI campus. Michael Adjekuko, varsity quarterback for the Broncos, talked Chance Butler into attacking a student in the barracks for, allegedly, turning him in for smoking pot. Butler admitted to committing the assault.

Mr Tucker was more interested in producing the overly dramatic headline “Former NMMI ninja strikes again” than getting the captions in the photographs correct. Butler, a 17 year old white boy, has been assigned the moniker of ninja by a reporter who is more interested in spiking the circulation of the RDR than providing error free commentary to the populace.

The glaring error in this weak headline article was that Butler was listed correctly as the caption for the picture of Chance Butler, BUT was also listed as the caption for the 20 year old black quarterback of the college football team.

A blunder this egregious could NOT have withstood a single proofreading and makes one question the accuracy of the rest of Tucker’s “witch hunting” article. The RDR probably has a circulation of around 10,000 copies printed per day and should take stronger measures to eliminate such embarrassing errors!  Note that Tucker did not disclose the name of the attorney who stated that Butler also viciously assaulted a juvenile prisoner(Jeff, I doubt Chance was donning a black ninja style mask in prison) with whom he shared a jail cell.

Tucker does not mind splashing the name and picture of a teenager across the pages of the paper, but went out his way to protect the identity of the person who appears to be the prosecuting attorney.

  1. Mistaken newspaper headline photo falsely identifying the accused
    Mistaken newspaper headline photo falsely identifying the accused



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  1. Albuquerque lawyer David “Chip” Chipman Venie has an excellent record defending these type of cases where a young teen makes a bad decision early in life and needs a second chance. However, he has is hands full defending himself now with what at first appeared to be an unjustified shooting of a homeless man.

    1. At least you have plenty of attorneys in Albuquerque. Roswell NM is the land of poo poo call you to tomorrow when it comes to lawyers. Called both Doug Jones Witt and Thomas E. Lilley. Witt is too busy defending 45 year old men high school teachers who have had sex with 17 year olds and getting them off. Thomas E. Lilley’s secretary spent 10 minutes on phone with me promising me he would call back on a case involving misconduct by a high school principal. Never called back. Went to Lubbock and found a great attorney who is not caught up in good ole boy bullshit so prevalent in Roswell!

      1. Yo, Roswell lawyer Doug Jones Witt did it again without having to reference “hell knows no fury like that of the scorned woman” which he used to get Goddard teacher Lawrence off. The female partner of Andrew Chavez lyed about Chavez criminally penetrating and molesting their children. Witt should see to it that venomous woman spends time behind bars.

        The pathetic mother of children, who lives off welfare, told children to fake cry during custody transfers. She should be punished.

        1. Witt in his inimitable direct style said the 6 year old daughter of Chavez would have had a hyman resembling surface of moon had he been banging the kid as much as welfare mom said. Witt used the standard argument that bicycle riding perforated the membrane that prevents semen from uniting with eggs produced by ovaries. Hymeneal(Don’t know if this was Bethany Freudenthal’s misspell of the term Hymenal or Witt’s) ring was damaged or affected in manner consistent with horseback riding or bike riding.

          Witt’s insensitivity describing anatomical features of pre puberty girl consistent with his treatment of women in previous marriages and relationships.

          1. Barbara Carey of Lake Arthur NM USA wants us to accept her authority and experience living in Indonesia elbow to elbow with women hating Muslim men. She attacks the ignorance of Bethany on this matter.

            1. Holocaust expert Jim Terr of Las Vegas NM wrote letter to editor of Roswell newspaper about the Albuquerque smith store incident involving Muslim woman donning a Habib. A xenophobe verbally assaulted her with store patrons and employees coming to her aid.
              Madeline Schmitt writes about assailants unforgivable actions in more breadth and depth.

              A shocking snippet is Las Vegas New Mexico is a backdrop for relatively high volumes of shows and films. Some of their citizens have developed an air of conceit and being inconvenienced by being forced to be in background scenes. Grow up curmudgeons! The state saves a lot of money which benefits you directly!!

        2. Fake news producer Paul Horner reports he makes $10000 per month in ad revenue publishing lies about celebrities. Horner profits writing falsehoods such as the pope is bisexual or trump is transgender. Horner is the product of horse sperm injected into human vagina.

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