Audio of Man Calling for a Public Hanging


Can you identify the voice of the man who threatened the life of Nevada State Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange? Please listen to the following 20 second recording of a man so full of hate that he left her a voicemail desiring to witness her dangling from the gallows, eyes bulging,  during a public execution all because the dimwit disagrees with the ideology of a woman far  more intelligent and devoted to her party than him.

The guy wanted to get his contempt for Lange off his chess so much that he made no attempt to disguise his voice apparently not fearing being caught or being to stupid to realize his delusional rant would be played publicly making him easy to identify.

You can bet his sister, wife, brother, or former school teacher recognizes his voice well enough to turn him in to law enforcement. His calm an composed voice did not contain a trace of hate as he spoke “Hi Roberta Lange. This is a citizen of the united states of american and I just wanted to let you know that people like you should be hung in a public execution(Chris Matthews the grammarian corrected hung to hanged) to show the world that we won’t stand for this sort of corruption”

Somebody call this guy in and let him rot in our American prisons. True Americans do not believe in cruel and unusual punishment like this gutless guy apparently does. Listen to the voice file again

and turn this derelict human being into the authorities.



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  1. Yup, there are bunch of die hard Bernie supporters out there in Nevada. My guess is this head case has about $35,000 in student loan debt. His effeminate voice suggests he is gay or lives at home with Mommy. Perhaps a degree in an unemployable field like sociology or psychology?

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