Begging for Loan to attend St. John’s University


Who could not be amused at the irony contained in the following letter which essentially begged for a student loan? A student writing to the financial aid office at St. John’s University went through a litany of of reasons he was a qualified recipient of of the award including his mother’s chronic pain and his father’s lack of education. His family also owed inlaws over $300,000.

The irony, of course, is that this kid and his family will be the first to default on his student loan claiming the interest rates are not fair.

Dear Office of Financial Aid,

I certainly appreciate the generous financial aid award letter I received this year, but I still cannot afford to attend St. John’s University.

I am writing this letter to ask you to please reconsider your decision regarding my financial aid. I’ve been having a lot of family problems. For an entire year my mother has had a medical condition that makes her unable to work. Her legs are diagnosed of, that is mean she could not stand for a long time due to the pain. Her health condition prevents her from standing for any lengthy duration. As a result, she could not work.

My dad became the only person in my family to work. Since he is not highly educated, he does not have a high paying job and as a result his monthly income is very low, around the povery level. In addition, at the end of the last year, my parents bought the apartment we are living now. Buying an apartment, my family members and I are 300,000 dollars in debt from borrowing money from relatives. What my parents usually do is to cut daily expense and try to pay off their debts, but at my Dad’s salary level, we do not cut much into the extreme debt we have accumulated. Also, I have a brother who is will be going to college very soon.

With these financial problems, my family is struggling to pay everyday bills. Therefore, my family is unable to borrow additional loan funds on my behalf. They can not even qualify for one of those wretched, usury interest rate pay day loans!

To prove that I am not Paying lip service and I am a responsible person. I take four AP classes this year and self-studying one AP subject at home. I hope that doing well on these exams will help me to minimize the burden of paying for college.

I also feel anxious, to the extent that i suffer from heart palpitations, to seek a part time job (more than one part time job if needed), Because I want to do my best in my high school year, especially since I have not been here for a long time, I need to put more effort to prepare for college, I did not take have(half) a part time job. In the coming school year, I will and feel anxious to look for a job since it can ease my financial burden and gain work experience.

I overcame many problems in the past years to adjust the life style in New York City. Now it is the last step to make my dream come true. Financial aid is my only hope to get a good education. I hope St. John’s University will help me to go through it.

I implore you to request the financial aid committee to reassess my financial aid package and make the necessary adjustments so that I can afford my education even though I will be incurring unbearable debt. Without this enormous blessing I will be unable to attend school. Therefore, I ask for your careful consideraton when it comes to reinstating my financial aid.



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