BenSalem, Pennsylvania Hooters Girl Self Interview


Did any of you all view the Utube video of the Hooters girl who worked in BenSalem, Pennsylvania? It may not have been an actual Hooters girl, but her uniform looked authentic. Maybe she stole it from her roommate or Hooters directly.

If you look at the the screenshot of the hot girl on UTube, you will notice a checkbook. If you listen to the video, she claims that she could have easily gotten it from a past his prime 40 year old man who she lured over to her place after giving him her phone number. She is either pretending to write checks from the stolen checkbook or is just showing you how easy it would be to exploit a middle aged, balding man who would give anything to strip off her tight, orange, shorts.

If this is truly a Bensalem Hooters girl, I doubt she kept her job very long for making Hooters look bad nationally. BTW, The black girl with a perfect bum in the related video queue would be every man’s fantasy without those shorts! Hooters exists to partially satisfy the fantasies of men and women who have given up on picking up hot, attractive young women the old fashion way of dating, meeting the parents, and courting a certain amount of time before sleeping together.

Also notice in the related video queue, the Undercover Boss piece about the owner of Hooters going into one of his distressed Hooters locations. Don’t know how distressed a Hooters could be! So much sexual tension being built up as these well built workers release via very loud, body trembling climaxes after work in parking lot. Its easier that way rather than going home with one of the customers you pretended to be interested in so you would get a big tip.




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  1. Thank you. These are the comments:

    Oh, I see some things have happened in the last few hours. Two comments on this thread have been removed or hidden:

    Two other comments about me remain, and one has been edited to add more verbiage. However, they don’t make any false accusations, so I guess they are ok. They are amusing, however. I have no idea who Alden Meyer is.

    Thank you for your response. Good luck to you and your web site in the future.

      1. Yeah, I remember now. I regret leaving that comment. I had not checked the actual rise and it seemed way too high for me. I would like to remove it, but I guess it will stay there. Oh well.

          1. That comment made at Alden Meyer site sounded like the Spung I knew in high school who thought he was superior to everybody. He had a very angry dark side which came out in his verbiage which included pathetic and delusional. He could not tolerate people who disagreed with his warped views. I had personal score I wanted to resolve with him at HS reunion hopefully in a gentlemanly fashion.

            BTW, the black girl in orange shorts has one highly edible nice plump round ass.

        1. There many lawyers out there who can help with the removal of comments from websites that are no longer properly maintained. The internet is littered with career destroying careless comments just because the comment threads are not properly maintained. Mark W Ishman and Dennis Watson who is now a judge I believe are two guy who have quite a bit of acumen in this field. Aaron Kelly also is well trained in navigating comment thread cesspools.

        2. Carly Cox, who is a Crosby Real Estate agent for CENTURY 21 Life Changers, Inc., says hi to you Mr Spung. She never had the courage to express her feelings. If you are still single, there may be a romantic opportunity in the works!!

      2. There is no comment by anybody named spung at the Alden Meyer site. There is a reply to somebody named rick. So it looks like spung must have requested that his comment be removed. Its odd that Meyer would remove comment and leave his reply. Spung’s views are well respected in the Houston area. Meyer is losing traffic. Very Weird!!

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