Breakup Advice is in Short Supply


The sage words of Dale Partridge are insightful and difficult to refute when he declares that Humans suck at breakups. Partridge did not disclose whether he had interviewed bears, zebras, or birds regarding the status of their breakups.

Yes, for many of us, our dark side emerges with a vengeance when somebody we thought loved us decides to terminate the cohabitation. Examples like dumping an entire, expensive, accumlated over a long period of time in many countries, wardrobe in a barrel of bleach come to mind. Or worse yet, letting Judge Judith Sheindlin settle things on national TV.

One piece of advice that Dale espouses is to NEVER pretend you are fine. It is a normal reaction to proclaim to the world everything is OK so that the person who dumped you won’t think that they ever really mattered.

I think The Daily Positive scribe offers sound advice in other areas such at getting along  at work and managing difficult inlaws.


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