Bridges have Shock Absorbers Too


The Rio Grande River is probably in the top 2 reasons for the very existence of the desert community called Las Cruces, NM USA. There is a park adjacent to a major highway through town that is traversed by the border determining body of flowing water.

The picture is the under side of a bridge over “river big” that park guests walk under to fish, illegally swim, make out with their sex partners(evidenced by used condoms on park grounds), etc.

Notice the spring loaded tension devices, which must function as bridge shock absorbers. Douglas P. Taylor, who is the  President of Tayor Devices,  and an engineer named John C. Metzger have designed, produced, and installed these type of construction components which provide combined spring, vibration, damping output/control for a variety of mechanical structures. I believe they operate out of New York, USA. I believe these guys have successfully found solution to the marching problem where people marching in cadence on a bridge can destroy the bridge by hitting the resonant frequency causing  the bridge to ultimately snap! Aslo, 20 people  were killed and hundreds were injured at a wedding party in Jerusalem after the dance floor collapsed.

No doubt this type of engineering is necessary to extend life of bridge thereby reducing burden on taxpayers to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of these necessary transporation aiding structures.



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