Central Penn Misery Albuquerque NM United States of America


Alexxus Prudhomme was impregnated at age 15 as a high school freshman.  Unable to take care of herself and her daughter, she lives in her mother’s apartment on the second floor of an eight-story derelict, run down building on Wisconsin Street in the notorious southeast quadrant of crime infested Albuquerque, NM.

The story by Leslie Linthicum did not mention the name of the male who provided the sperm injection, so it is likely he has no supportive or financial role regarding the care of his baby daughter.

Many other teenage mother’s like her live in the region bounded by San Mateo Boulevard on the west, Wyoming Boulevard on the east, Lomas Boulevard on the north and Kirtland Air Force Base on the south  which called the “Central Penn” by the Health Department aka  the  International District Neighborhood . The Central Penn area is highly ranked in terms of health and addiction risk factors.

Alexxus is stuck in this hopeless mess because she chose to have a child before she even earned her High School degree which is becoming more and more worthless in the labor force. Abstinence or masturbation at the moment of conception would have prevented the Early Teenage Pregnancy. Also cephalopelvic disproportion(babies head too big to emerge from womb) is much more likely with 15 year old mothers than general population according to Sulaiman, S; Othman, S; Razali, N; Hassan, J.




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