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The dictionary definition of  a ward is an electoral district of a city council or town board, created for the purpose of providing more direct representation(meaning tending to the various needs of specific regions within the city), from which a single councilman is elected; or. a division used in political party leadership elections; or. an administrative division, as in Wards of Newark, NJ or the six wards of Houston or the five wards of Roswell,NM.

From the map of the Roswell city council wards that you see, ward 5 is by far the largest covering much of southern part of city including RIAC or Roswell Industrial Air Center. Ward 2 is the region mostly north of Country Club Road predominantly in the northeastern quadrant of Alien City. Ward 3 is central part of city West of Main Street excluding NMMI which appears to be in Ward 1. Ward 3 also includes the newly developed and still growing Sorrento Subdivision  along with the more established Enchanted lands neighborhood with its appealing Disc Golf course. It had a hotly contested election for its city councilor a few years back. Finally, Ward 4 is southwestern portion of city bordered on the north by 2nd Street US 380/70

City council ward map Roswell New Mexico
City council ward map Roswell New Mexico

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  1. Perry Saunders Toles may not even know which ward NMMI occupies. He is upset they have filed lawsuit against former alumni. Petitioning whiney former alumni lead to early retirement of superintendent Ellison.

    Disgruntled alumni, many underperforming in the corps of cadets, cry and complain the hardest. Email clutter feature works wonders with these bitter old people.

    Yes Perry, just a very WEAK thought. Leave that signature to lawyer Kraft.

  2. Thanks to Flo Wells for publicly disclosing that city councilor Jason Perry moved out of Ward 4 long ago. Not a problem for a regular citizen. However electorate voted preacher Jason as their Ward 4 representative.

    DAMN, doesn’t this just underscore the extreme political apathy in Roswell? And where is the moral compass of our venerated Baptist preacher who favored the election of our lunatic GOP president in a rousing rally speech at Pearson Hall on NMMI grounds?

    Also it’s too bad that googling the name of erudite writer Flo Wells returns oil field products.

    1. A day after the investigative letter to the editor written by Flo Wells, Alison Penn wrote headline newspaper article detailing Perry must reside in Ward 4 to be a councilor there.

      Hmmmm a man of the Lord breaking the rules of the city who elected him?!? Perry assured us he is ethical. ACTION not words preacher man.

      1. Not sure your skepticism regarding Baptist preacher is fact based.

        Jacob Roebuck(Sears?) announces his candidacy for Ward 1 position or the geographic center political unit. What did his movie Coyote County Loser do? What were gross receipts or ticket sales at box office?

        Our kids owe much to Roebuck for his creation of Xmas Railway at zoo!

  3. I admire Dan Gage for sticking up for his buddy Johnny Gonzales wanting to name Southeast Main Street Johnny Gonzales parkway. Yes, our city council excels at assiduously ignoring sound reasoning Dan!

    Also Dan Hancock refuted the inaccuracies in Martin Kral commentary regarding nuclear power and waste.

  4. Alison Penn failed to notice some of Ward 3 is east of Main Street in her article about the second negro Tarra Morgan who is running for political office even though she states she is not a politician. She managed to get some free advertising for her cosmetology business with pretty complexion on front page.

  5. Whitney Hamill is running for City Councilor Ward 4. He is the finance guy who the car salesman has to get approval from at Chevrolet dealership. So vote for him IF YOU TRUST car salesmen. Just take a look at his eyes and face and tell me if you would believe a word that came out of his mouth.

    Whitney says the city has never purchased any vehicles from Guy Chevrolet WHICH IS LOCATED IN ARTESIA NM! He supports the legalization of grass. He also supports a tax payer funded homeless shelter, UNLIKE Dennis Kintigh who states that HOMELESS SHELTERS are ministries NOT SUPPORTED BY TAX PAYER DOLLARS! Kintigh gets my vote base on that alone!!

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