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Door to door salesman face many challenges. Just getting homeowners to open their door to begin with is rather difficult. We watched a couple of women from our security camera knock on our front door twice and ring the door bell once before finally leaving after about 2 minutes.

They work for Brandan Galvan who owns L&B’s Cleanup Crew in Artesia, NM. They drove 40 miles from Artesia to Roswell knocking on doors in the Sorrento Subdivision and leaving the card you see when nobody would answer front door. The service they provide includes Lawns, Alleys, Lots and other unspecified cleanup functions.

The weeds are really nasty in Roswell and I would think the left handed Brandon Galvan might get some business clearing weeds out of alleys and homes with landscaped rock yards. Maybe it is Brandon’s wife that is left handed and I bet her first name begins with an L.

Did you notice the aggressive looking Bulldog on his business card? Artesia has plenty of loyal football fans. In a town like Roswell where robberies and violent crime¬†are relatively common, I tip my hat to L&B’s Cleanup Crew for trying to make an honest living helping homeowners with tasks they may not feel like doing.

Yard man from artesia New Mexico
Yard man from artesia New Mexico

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  1. Noticed that WESST(Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Team) of Roswell,NM and headed up by Rhonda Johnson had increased their small business assistance to aspiring male entrepreneurs as well.

    WESST overlooks lousy credit scores as a micro-lender sucking away small time loans from stodgy banks of which there are many in Alien City.

    The Dylanne Petros article indicates one can attend an alliterative Lunch and Learn seminar for more info on relatively low interest loans, not one of those scam usury type of Payday or Title loans.

    1. Did you boys from Roswell NM know that outer space aliens are always landing around ya because atom bomb testing at trinity site and intense flash sent into space that could be seen all around the galaxy and solar system. All dem aliens got curious and some of em crashed in your area. Another way of putting it is that you got yourself some universal attention by messing around with deadly weapons

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