An article by Noam Scheiber was quite the reminder that most workers in the US are the wage slaves predicted by Das Kapital. Regular citizens are forced to sell their precious child rearing time to corporate interests in order to keep their head above water and to avoid debilitating debt.

He wrote that  Abercrombie & Fitch will stop requiring workers to be on call for shifts that could be canceled on short notice. Retailer Williams-Sonoma ended on-call shifts  along with Gap.

Around a year back, Starbucks announced,as some measure of relief for overworked employees,that it would no longer ask any of its employees  to close and open stores for  consecutive shifts,  which was so prevalent that the neologism  clopening came into existence. The non-abbreviated form of the word would be closeopening meaning some workers as Starbucks were being asked to close, say, the evening shift, AND then open the morning shift!

Scheiber’s article then went on to describe how the children of overworked parents had problems with alcoholism and drug abuse along with developmental problems and challenges in school.

Life is so brutal! Parents who are working hard, under the burden of unfair work schedules, trying to support their kiddos will end up getting blamed for neglecting them during their important formative years.


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