Was shocked at the frequent usage of term comorbidity in special education and learning disability settings. There is no mistaking the association of the word morbid with death. Comorbidity means the simultaneous existence of two or more disabilities. Jesus, it is not like the label disabled  already does not have a negative connotation. NOW challenged kids and adults have to live with a term that literally means with two deaths!.

I guess there must be a shortage of available terms given what appears to be a very standard usage of the word comorbidity in Special Ed literature and textbooks. The term applies to all categories of disabilities including learning, emotional, health, physical, learning, visual, hearing, language, speech, deaf, and hearing impaired.

Comorbidity also puts extra burden on the educators, pathologists, and other service providers from a standpoint of having to coordinate with each other in their respective fields of expertise. More emphasis should be placed on misdiagnosis and identification given the aforementioned. False positives are quite common in the medical profession. Telling a child and his parents “there is one more thing wrong” from an intellectual growth point of view should be treated with extreme caution and circumspection before setting the diagnosis in stone. I MEAN DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK! You are potentially branding someone with a label that can make their life very difficult if not intractable!


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