Credo Ut Intellegam


The title of this article has been cited countless times as a strong argument for having faith. It does not speak to the blind faith possessed by religious zealots. Credo Ut Intellegam is Latin for having faith in order to understand. Former nun, Karen Armstrong does a beautiful job of describing this more intellectual notion of faith in her well known Magnum Opus boldly titled A History of God.

Credo Ut Intellegam sounds like an intellectual cop out. It appears to be an admission that spiritual understanding can only be achieved by letting your guard down and opening your heart. It posits that linguistic type rational arguments do not come close to placing us in the presence of our creator.

Credo Ut Intellegam effectively attacks the Saint Anselm notion that God can be explained via the limited faculty of human reasoning which is good for what it is good for like scientific reasoning, engineering, etc. I always though the ontological argument for God’s existence was pure bullshit. Just a bunch of word games that sounded good, but was just ¬†specious, fallacious, tripe.

Anselm was also confused about the point of the Trinity which literally interpreted is also nonsense. The more subtle reason behind the Trinity is that its logical absurdity implies the ineffability or the unspeakable nature of the transcendent being we call God. It is also fascinating to observe that the Hindu religion also enjoys the notion of the Trinity even though their representation of the Trinity does not directly translate to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.




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