Dance an art form? …… Give me a break!


I want to add a little more to the excellent work of a writer at Triond that I have lost track of. Woman wasted her talent at the low end content farm that did not compensate its writers close to well enough.

Many claim that Dance is an art form that allows one to express what can not be uttered or to provide insight into ones culture or upbringing. There is no doubt that there is some truth to this perspective, but the primary reason people dance is to be noticed by members of the opposite sex or in some cases to be noticed by a member of the same sex.
As a young man attending McMurry College in Abilene, Texas, I recall the girls from Hardin-Simmons University coming to our college to dance since dancing was prohibited at their Christian school. So the policy at Hardin-Simmons clearly recognized that dancing could readily stimulate the already strong sexual impulse that young men and women possess. So the unspoken truth that dancing could lead to ill-timed sexual intercourse and a new baby popping  into the world was the basis for the prohibition of dancing.
A Specie’s success depends on its ability to procreate and one way for females and males to hook up is to become aware of each other’s desires to procreate. Dancing is a strong indicator of health and dance moves are often sexually suggestive and indicative of ones fervor to hop in the sack. A Peacock’s brilliant plumage and humans humans dancing have the same function/intent. They both do it to get laid!

Why would anybody be surprised to learn that dancing with the stars was the number one search string in 2010, 2011, and probably 2012, 2013, ……. After all, dancing with the stars might get your DNA into the next generation since moves on the dance floor are often very suggestive of moves in the bedroom! More directly, simulated sexual intercourse could be the name of many dances you see in bars and honky tonks.

Dancing certainly can be less overtly towards the sexual acting if you consider ball room dancing and the like, but it certainly has its origins in the perpetuation of the species.


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