Darwin Award winners in Southeastern New Mexico


USA newspapers churn out Darwin Award winners daily. The award is of humorous origins and award winners contribute to human evolution(improvement) by selecting themselves out of the gene pool either by an untimely death caused by ignorance/stupidity or sterilization by their own careless actions. We spend either Christmas or Thanksgiving in Roswell,NM every year and love their newspaper despite its liberal ownership. My father sends me articles all the time and I could not resist writing about what follows.

A twenty year ago old from Hagerman,NM is a recent recipient of Darwin Award. The young man was functioning as a netter in a macabre practice called rabbit catching practiced at night where a shooter from a moving vehicle fires near a rabbit scaring the long eared rodent into immobility making it easy to scoop rabbit up in net.

The winner of the Darwin Award was apparently a little too close and was shot near his scapula, rushed to hospital in Roswell where he expired making it impossible for his genes to make it to the next generation.

Chaves county sheriff Britt Snyder’s matter of fact manner of describing the euphemistically named act of rabbit catching did not mention its legality. If it is legal it should not be unless the goal is to hunt,kill, and eat.


Man using a net to catch rabbits accidentally shot and killed by his hunting partner
Man using a net to catch rabbits accidentally shot and killed by his hunting partner

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  1. That man has a name. Its Manuel, aka chino, or nanice. He was my fiance. regardless of your idiotic opinion, didn’t you ever think that maybe he has family, including young children like our niece and nephews? coming across this article, i am overwhelmed with disgust. why don’t you look at your own flaws before going this far out of your way to put down someone who can not even defend themselves. please take this down.

    1. Alexandria,

      My most profound apologies for the insensitivity and callous nature of the article regarding your tragic loss. This site has multiple content writers who are supposed to practice some level of professionalism and respect for the families of the subjects they write about, but due to high volume of content published here, some offensive postings still manage to slip through. My profuse condolences for your loss and I will gladly unpublish this article if you direct me to do so. Sorry again.

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