Dedicated Iowa Trump Backer


The Iowan you see in the picture appears to corroborate the claim made by David Masciotra which posits that Donald Trump supporters are frequently ignorant white bigots. The goofy looking guy just off of our president elects right shoulder during his thank you for electing me tour in Des Moines is not rowing with both oars.

Yeah, the bespectacled cat with the trump pence shirt on reacted to each syllable uttered by The Donald with the same uncoordinated verve. He got particularly animated and excited when trump promised to relax EPA regulations on farmers. Maybe the dude is a worker on potato farm who has sniffed a little too much glue . He may have Googled football playing spider one too many times according to Jimmy Fallon.


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  1. Hold up man! I know that guy you are making fun of. He is actually quite intelligent. His facial ticks can be deceiving. He was smart enough to get a seat right behind Trump! Give credit where credit is due!

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