Denver man awarded $5000 for Tow Truck Operator’s Lack of Professionalism


Hani Barghout, a sensitive and intelligent citizen of Denver, Colorado USA, went out for a night on the town looking for a good time at Charlie’s nightclub. It only took him a single game of pool to make friends and head to their place in Hani’s brand new car.

Hani allegedly illegally parked his vehicle in a space that was unoccupied because resident did not own a car. A tow truck company owned and operated by Michael Nowlin, Jr towed Barghout’s car.  His wife Nicol stated in Judge Judy’s courtroom that Hani  threw a rock at the tow truck. The tow company would not return the towed vehicle for reasons that were not made clear in plaintiff defendant testimony.

When Hani called repeatedly trying get his car off the lot of the tow company, he heard background comments about the crazy Arab with the beard. Judge Judy saw through the whole thing recognizing the dogmatic , homophobe tow truck company owner and his wife had problems with hate and xenophobia. She awarded the aggrieved young man $5000 for tow fees and damages to be collected from the tow company owner who donned some sort of pierced jewelry underneath his lower lip.  Nowlin stated, after he was ordered to pay $5000 to Hani, that Hani has issues or problems without directly Attacking his character. Good for Hani for standing up to immature professionals like Nowlin.


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  1. Yes I won $5000 dollars.
    No I’m not gay I’m a married father.
    I have No Piercings you must be thinking of the fat below truck lady.
    And yes I did throw a rock and f up the driver. No such thing as double jeaporady.
    And Judge Judy probable know I threw the rock and beat up the tow driver but she awarded me because I am smart and they blew off court..

    1. I had a major problem with Carson Cars salesman Shane Grant and finance guy Scott Sefrit. I should have worked with Trevor Carlson even though he has a shady reputation. Judge Judy mistakenly ruled against single mother Stacy McMahon allowing Grant to defraud/scam one last customer before Carson fired him. Lynnwood Washington not best place to buy a car.

    2. I am glad Judge Judy saw through all this Hani. Did the criminal mischief charge and arrest for throwing the rock get removed from your police record? The Denver Police Department Facebook page said nothing about how you may have been provoked by operators of the towing company. My daughter had similar negative experience with tow truck operator in Albuquerque NM. Thank you for standing up to them!!

      1. Hi Mike,

        If the guy you are referencing has been charged with Criminal mischief, it is a crime that can go on his record as either a misdemeanor or felony offense.

        I do not blame him for being irate at the tow company and hurling a rock in fashion that could possibly injure someone or damage property, BUT in the eyes of the law a felony can mess up you future big time along with making it impossible to find decent job. Best of luck to him and I hope his decision does not haunt him legally the rest of his life. I am sure he meant no harm, just blowing off steam, but tow truck businesses can be ruthless!

        Also there was a Socorro NM man who was arrested in Albuquerque over the Occupy Wall Street movement I believe.

        The Albuquerque newspaper says suspect went into several businesses along Central around Yale and San Mateo area threatening store owners and customers and spitting on customers while ignoring the police officers.

        He was detained on suspicion of criminal trespass, petty misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct and interference with communications. It may be the same guy you are talking about.

        1. yeah Aaron Johnson

          Case in New Mexico dismissed.
          Case in Denver Dismissed.

          i got $10,000 for the injustice in new mexico.
          and $5,000 for the injustice in Denver.

          i would rather have sued the police but that is very hard.
          though in the tow truck case thete shoukd have not been an arrest at all. the charges were dropped before i had a chance to enter a plea. totally illegal and speaks to how there was no probable cause.

          the police had no photos of a truck, no truck description in reports and listed damage as $1.00


          well, the judge judy show ironically is where i got justice and compensated for the false arrests.

          again case dismissed. no criminal record. i know it is a show but i know the law and am practically a lawyer, i really am when i go pro se and continue to have all false allegations dismissed.

          as far as occupy, go to the Albuquerque Metro Court website and search the case. dismissed dismissed dismissef dismissed. all the four bs charges.

          and as for socorro you can go to and do a name search and see how that case ended with a Stipulated Settlement Agreement and Release


          im not worried, my record is clean
          i am gainfully employed.

          and 47 million people saw me on TV. not you.

          1. Hani,

            Are you the same one where 47 million learned on judge judy that you were bisexual? Did you really have sex with the male tow truck driver? Not judging, but why would you want the world to know male testicles turn you on?

  2. MileHigh Towing & Recovery, Inc. is the name of business owned by Nowlin. We use him to tow lowlifes who illegally park at our apartment complex in Boulder Colorado. He is fair, on time, and charges reasonable prices.

  3. Attorney Peter B Keller represented a forty something man around 1994 for some type of business conspiracy charge.

    It was a Tucson Arizona Water employee who was eventually sentenced to three years’ probation , after pleading no contest to attempted conspiracy and conflict of interest in connection with special treatment he gave to land developments in which he stood to profit.

    1. Do you know if Mr Keller represents drug traffickers? My old buddy Corry R. Hays was busted with some meth worth close to 35 Gs on the street in Roswell NM. He only makes the drug paraphernalia. He does not cook the stuff himself. He will eventually squeal. My boy needs a lawyer real bad like!!

    2. thats a different Hani Barghout. He is a multimillionaire and lives in a mansion on Barghout place a street named after him. he is so rich he doesnt need to pass a background check.

      he also is CEO of Aramex a Fedex like business he founded.

  4. The gentleman that runs Milehigh Towing & Recovery Inc is our wrecker service. We run a business close to professional sports stadium and would not be in business if Nowlin did not tow vehicles out of the way so our customers can conveniently park in our lot. His rates are very fair if you have a high volume of tows.

    Who am I to judge about really happened between him and the Arab. BTW judge judy gets a lot of stuff wrong. She brags too much about being smart. The Arab outsmarted her!

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