Denver man awarded $5000 for Tow Truck Operator’s Lack of Professionalism


Hani Barghout, a sensitive and intelligent citizen of Denver, Colorado USA, went out for a night on the town looking for love at Charlie’s nightclub which caters to homosexual patrons.  It only took him a single game of pool to pick up a guy and head to his place in Hani’s brand new car.

Hani illegally parked his vehicle in a space that was unoccupied because resident did not own a car. A tow truck company owned and operated by Michael Nowlin, Jr towed Barghout’s car.  His wife Nicol stated in Judge Judy’s courtroom that Bargout threw a rock at the tow truck. The tow company would not return the towed vehicle for reasons that were not made clear in plaintiff defendant testimony.

When Hani called repeatedly trying get his car of the lot of the tow company, he heard background comments about the crazy Arab with the beard. Judge Judy saw through the whole thing recognizing the redneck, homophobe tow truck company owner and his lying, bigot wife had problems with hate and xenophobia. She awarded the aggrieved young gay man $5000 for tow fees and damages to be collected from the tow company owner with some sort of pierced jewelry underneath his lower lip. Isn’t that type of jewelry suggestive of a gay tendency or lifestyle? Nowlin stated, after he was ordered to pay $5000 to Hani, that Hani has issues or problems without directly calling him a faggot or any other derisive gay epithet or slur. Good for Hani for standing up to immature professionals like Nowlin.


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  1. Yes I won $5000 dollars.
    No I’m not gay I’m a married father.
    I have No Piercings you must be thinking of the fat below truck lady.
    And yes I did throw a rock and fuck up the driver. No such thing as double jeaporady.
    And Judge Judy probable know I threw the rock and beat up the tow driver but she awarded me because I am smart and they blew off court..

      1. I noticed Hani B didn’t respond to picking up a guy at a gay bar which makes no difference if Hani is gay, straight or bi but it does throw a shadow on his story of “I did throw a rock and fuck up the driver” and his “Poor Me” thinking as a defense

        1. That gay bar Charlie’s is not policed that closely and sometimes young hot men have rough sex in bathroom stalls. Patrons know it and will go in in to watch. Janitors have to nightly clorox/disinfect the large volumes of semen deposited by masturbating men who are watching the show.

    1. You and judge Judy need mental health evaluation,you and judge Judy need to go to jail for your behavior and lie’s judge Judy need to be disbarred and never be able be a judge you and so called judge are despicable

      1. I had a major problem with Carson Cars salesman Shane Grant and finance guy Scott Sefrit. I should have worked with Trevor Carlson even though he has a shady reputation. Judge Judy mistakenly ruled against single mother Stacy McMahon allowing Grant to defraud/scam one last customer before Carson fired him. Lynnwood Washington not best place to buy a car.

    2. Hanoi B and judge Judy both need mental help they both are liars they know they’re frauds Hanoi B admits doing wrong Judge Judy needs to be disbarred and never practice being a judge again and Hanoi B and judge Judy needs to go to jail….. judge Judy now’s hanoi was a liar and still awarded hanoi money the judicial system does not work in Life or on TV this is proof

    1. MileHigh Towing & Recovery, Inc. is the name of business owned by Nowlin. We use him to tow lowlifes who illegally park at our apartment complex in Boulder Colorado. He is fair, on time, and charges reasonable prices.

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