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I was both fascinated and appalled at an article I was recently perusing about depression treatment devices. I know that depression is a real affliction that disrupts and even destroys families. There is a major difference between waking up with the blues and the type of depression that prevents one from functioning and supporting their family.

Many of us wake up in the morning wishing we did not have to go to work that day only to get to work and actually enjoy the interaction between customers and colleagues. Laying in bed all day because you are despondent just increases the levels of melancholy. One of the problems with telecommuting is the missing social aspect and face to face exchanges between coworkers and supervisors.

I think the entire concept of using an electrical or mechanical device to help rid one of their depressed state is completely misguided and not towards curing the root cause. I have found that outdoors exercise or jogging provides me with a big boost and has a way of resetting my brain to not let piddling things bother me. Like David Lee Roth once said, “you are only as big as what bothers you”.

Tom Cruise was wrong about Scientology, but he was spot on about NOT coping with depression via artificial means. He withstood a tremendous amount of criticism about calling out Brooke Shields over how she was handling her postpartum depression, however his view that natural means is the best way to battle depression is correct.


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  1. A friend’s child who suffered from severe clinical depression, shame and avoidance personality, and obsessive compulsive bipolar disorder took the drug Paxil and it had no affect that his parents could discern. In fact, his awareness that “a drug was required to fix” his issues exacerbated the shame he felt!

    They are considering filing a lawsuit against the doctor, who all but guaranteed the drug would cure the kids debilitating mood swings, and the drug maker for false advertising. I bet there are a ton of lawyers who would take the case.

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