Do Not patronize establishments with Smoking Patios


City Councilor Steve Henderson agrees with the thrust of cartoon in RDR today. Back in 2004 public health was deemed a higher priority than whether private profit seeking concerns could pollute the air we breathe with their cigarette smoke.

Rather than be inspired by Dan Spivey’s ingenious green efforts to recycle contaminated water from oil wells, the citizens of Roswell have to worry about whether the “Smoke Free Air Act” will be partially overturned by allowing smoking patios at “private clubs”.

I have yet to determine how it is that a business can actually get the “private club” status allowing its patrons to smoke on their premises. Is it an application process with a fee where the proceeds go to the city? Henderson’s letter to the editor went into extreme detail regarding the deleterious, cancer causing properties of fags really going off about the harmful effects of second hand smoke liberated by tobacco sticks, but this writer never noted any commentary on what was required to be recognized as a legal “private club”. Hopefully the city will not make it too easy to be designated as a location where non-cigarette smokers will be forced to breath carcinogen filled air.

Please show up August 6th at the RMAC to express your opposition(to amendment Ordinance 15-11) to folks who contaminate the air we breathe with their suicidal habit.


Finally, I believe, the Liberty Club referenced in Keith Bell’s cartoon, advertises themselves as a non-profit private club supported by members promoting the performing arts. One can register for membership at Liberty,Inc online where Happy Hours and Girl’s Night Out appear to be some of the fund raising events at this not for profit private club located at 312 North Virginia. They have an event page advertising various musical performances where reservations are required at prices ranging from $20 to $40 per head.

The usage of the name Liberty here is a tad offensive for old timers. How many of us would think that a place that calls themselves Liberty,Inc would be a place for bored housewives to be entertained by sexy music making entertainers? Maybe the intended usage of the word liberty here is that paying patrons would have the liberty of smoking in public after paying their cover charge.

Unfortunately, the only power that non-smokers have here is to not give a not for profit Incorporation any of your money. Apparently, Liberty Inc feels there are enough smokers around to keep their boat floating.


Smoking allowed in public places for businesses who can afford it
Smoking allowed in public places for businesses who can afford it

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  1. Patrick Collins in his letter to editor of Roswell newspaper vehemently opposes allowing smoking in private clubs due to the inherent ambiguity in that phrase. No mention in his missive on how a club gets designated as private or if there is a cost. We kicked a guys ass one day after he walked out of McDonald’s. The bastard was smoking next to my asthmatic son. I broke guys nose. I am sure it was on their video, but nobody did anything.

  2. Natasha Mackey the preacher on FB has changed my life. Almost every day I read one of her posts from the Bible but am confused why she voted to advertise supporting letting people smoke on patios. My boy has asthma and I pray for him in the name of Jesus. Why would minister Mackey vote in favor of harming part of God’s temple our body and my sons lungs if she really is the Christian woman she says she is on Facebook? I be confused miss Mackey. Praise the lord!! You gots to read more about this fight between what the newspaper paper boys call public health advocate going up against personal freedom proponents woman!

    1. Reverend Natasha Mackey and preacher Jason Perry hypocritically voted for allowing cigarette smoking at private clubs. What kind of Christians are you two city councillors? The kind that bear false witness in my eyes! Shame on you! Shame on you!!!

      Thank you Elena Velasquez,Savino Sanchez,Juan Oropesa for voting against something that causes lung cancer.

      Josh Ragsdale director of The Liberty smoking club,as an attorney, knows that second hand smoke has been linked with colon cancers. Dulce Santoyo and Liz Sarellano of Roswell high school spoke convincingly and eloquently opposing the selfish inconsiderate pricks who believe their right to smoke outweighs our right to clean air.

      Caleb Grant should be put out to pasture for comparing cigarette smoke and cancers to coca cola and diabetes. That boy has rocks in his head. How the hell did he get elected?

      Than you Jeff Tucker of RDR for an excellent objective accounting of the facts that is dividing our community. I know plenty of cow chips have been flying around your good name. You deserve a raise in my eyes.

      1. I read that Mayor Kintigh cast three votes in favor of letting smokers puff away on their patios!!! My baby has lung problems and to think I let the mayor kiss her on the head. He talks about the silent majority wanting people to be allowed to smoke in public,BUT most of them council did NOT want to change the smoking law that we had!! It was the damn mayor who swung the vote in favor of the air pollutin cigarettes puffers. The man got three votes. A lot of crap!!!! I will just send him expensive doctor bill when my sweet baby gets sick from smoke.

        I want yall to know that 5 out of 8 councils voted AGAINST public smoking in the town I grew up in that has turned to crap. You have the mayor to blame for this cuz this one man made it seem like only 5 out of 11 were AGAINST the air pollutin fools!!!!

        1. Cigarette smoker Steve May Silver city,nm is pissed off at state senator Howie Morales for imposing a one dollar per pack fine on those who choose the slow version of suicide called nicotine addiction. Steve does not want to become a chump because he perceives tax as unfair. A lot of nerve for a guy is unfair daily to the people around him for forcing them to breath his second hand smoke. May was a chump long before tobacco tax became a reality.

          Steve May would get along well with Paul Mills of Waco Texas.

          1. Frank Etscorn award-winning inventor of the nicotine patch, used to mentor students while he was a Professor of Psychology at New Mexico Tech in Socorro.

            He also is an advocate of the view Never Give Up on a Student which really just means admissions will take in brain dead low IQ students; pass them along to teachers who will pass them to improve completion and retention numbers.

            NMT rakes in big bucks this way while producing weak engineers.

      2. Natasha Mackey and Roswell city attorney William Zarr are now suddenly concerned about health effects of Tattoo shops around town. City councilor Mackey voted for relaxing the smoking laws but now wants to regulate or maybe shut down places that do body piercing. Hmmm…….the smell of hypocrisy is in the air

    1. Now it is starting to make sense. Chain smoking record staff writer Jeff Tucker wrote an article promoting his own selfish intentions. The front page headline was “lovers of liberty led by The Liberty”. Lovers of Liberty actually means Lovers of Smoking in Tucker’s nicotine addiction world. I think I will lobby families in our neighborhood to cancel their subscriptions to paper until Owner does something about out of control employee publishing articles that advance his substance abuse. Yes again nicotine is an addictive substance. Tucker is quite the loose canon going after 16 year old NMMI ninja fighters and recently faintly attacking Roswell High Students who showed up to city council meeting steadfastly standing in opposition to immature adults who perceive cigarette smoking as some sort of right akin to bearing arms.

      1. I could not agree more with Patrick Collins of Roswell,NM charging Jeff Tucker with blatant editorializing regarding Tucker’s not so subtle attempt to discredit High School students who politely opposed the relaxation of cigarette smoking laws.

        Collins letter to editor did not disclose that “legal reporter” Tucker smokes a 2 or 3 packs a day which must explain the mood swings evident in his writing.

        Don’t worry Patrick. Tucker’s multiple egregious breaches of journalistic neutrality will get him canned. I love you man.

        1. Cigarette addict Jeff Tucker, who writes for Roswell newspaper, is at it again when he claims our smoking laws violate the religious rights of American Indians,Eskimos,Aleuts, and Native Hawaiians.

          To support his chain smoking addiction, he is claiming our city is in violation of federal law. Jeff is not a practitioner of tribal rituals. Only a nicotine junkie who is digging around for a possible interpretation of the law that will support his selfish and lethal habit.

          Tucker lied when he published the misinformation about about city council being tied At 5-5. It was 5-3 against the smokers until our unprincipled mayor cast three votes in favor of the air polluters.

          1. God I am GLAD somebody else sees what Mr Tucker is conniving to do! I no longer work at the daily record but know that Jeff would smoke 2 packs of cigs a day. It does not take a genius to connect the dots here. The Roswell smoking law had been what it was since 2004 until Luke Ragsdale and Jeff Tucker started screwing with it.

            It was not even a group of Native American Indians that challenged the smoking law being relaxed, it was a damned reporter who is pissed that the smoking laws are strict here. Tucker needs to be exposed for his BS and formally reprimanded by owners of newspaper.

          2. Bethany Freudenthal replaces Jeff Tucker in covering the NMMI locker room fight between two college football players where parents of the loser sued claiming the institute did not provide safe conditions. Chief of Staff David West taking over for weakie PR marketing person Velasquez releases letter to parents rightly declaring NO school can guarantee 100% security and safety for its students. No shit Sherlock!!! Parents should have realized that locker room fights are frequent and not turned into high drama. Parents are fishing for lottery payoff.

            Defense attorney, Daniel S. Hawranek, managed to get the Samoan linebacker off with only having to spend 2 days in Chaves county detention center and supervised probation.

            1. Jeff does have s way of making things overly complicated. His school board rebuilding headline article opens with the clumsy “a depleted Roswell school board,mathematically at 60% of its intended strength, will hold a special meeting this week to begin process of reconstituting itself.”

              Let’s see Mr Tucker, how about saying the 5 member board only has 3 currently serving members. OH excuse me, that would be too simple. You apparently prefer to have readers calculate 60% of 5 and the aura of the gaudy usage of the term mathematical.

              1. Tucker never defined what is meant by a Subshine Law in his otherwise excellent article about whether a city meeting must be open to public or is allowed to be conducted privately.

            2. Well, I have pleasant memories of my time at NMMI. Can’t believe it’s been over six years! I was reminded of my Biology professor Atwood when I read her making fun of campus police on FaceBook. I always respected her for shooting straight from hip. No bullshit from that woman!
              BTW did you read about the Montreal Canada mother who got pissed at the teachers for wearing those indigenous headdresses? Damn man, people way too sensitive about different cultures. To many damn rednecks on this frigging plant!!!!

              1. Yeah! I remember that ole cowgirl. Good instructor but some serious anger management issues. She would get all mad red in the face and shit and just yell at people and lose her cool. Some of those athletes who did not do squat in her class had it coming though! My friends mother teaches science at public school and had Miss Atwood. She been there a long time.

              2. I knew of her when I worked there around four years ago. She behaves very unprofessionally and has a lot of pent up anger. She is one of the few unmarried teachers there and I can see why. She vents a lot on Facebook and is easily annoyed. She would have a lot less hate in her heart if she could find an older man who would tolerate her. At her age that probably won’t happen. Venting about students and campus security should have got her in serious trouble. Her action are more like that of an immature middle school girl than a mature elder. I hope she finds peace. She can be really caring and considerate but you never know when she is gonna blow her stack.

                1. Do you know if the NMMI superintendent Grizzle is aware of how some of the teachers under him are on FB gossiping negatively about their students and fellow workers?

                2. My wife used to come home talking about her. She is always pissed off at somebody and talking about them behind their back. She is unprofessional and disrespected to her fellow workers. Atwood calls the cadets dumbasses and the school principal even knows about it and does nothing!! She can’t even LET IT GO at work and gets on Facebook and bitches some more at home. Whoever her Boss is needs to take action because she is toxic.

              3. Thank you Dr Barbara Damron, cabinet secretary of NM higher education department, for pointing out to NMMI graduation class that their self absorbed generation has the highest level of narcissism in history of mankind.

                Also college salutatorian Donald Mackay Tripodo, who chose the weaker AA degree since he failed precalculus math, pointed out the RDR has an extreme bias against NMMI.

        2. I am sure Patrick Collins fell out of his morning chair reading the editorializing tripe penned by nicotine and joint lover record staff writer Jeff Tucker. Tucker attacked Terry Johnson with a vengeance including criticisms of the Christian faith.

          I do hope a competent, intelligent, and neutral reporter other than Jeff Tucker is chosen to cover zoning hearings and city council assemblies in the future. Tucker is pro-marijuana complimenting his nicotine addiction. RDR publisher Barbara Beck should put Tucker on a very short leash with termination of his employment as the chokehold, although given her liberal agenda she probably smokes reefer with Tucker and furtively supports his pot smoking penchants and editorializing.

          1. I agree that marijuana advocate Jeff Tucker should not use his job at Roswell newspaper to support his habit, but he does make some good points like going after the Confusing difference between ETZ Authority and ETZ Commission. The Commission had ruled in favor of opening indoor medicinal grass farm before it was rejected by ETZ Authority. Tucker could not conceal his disappointment even though the overturn was supported by federal law.

        3. I miss the good old days back around 2004 when reporters like April Lynn Amadon were careful and responsible about written content with their name on it. So many reporters sell out to drive up circulation so advertising could net big bucks.

      2. Jeff Tucker, editor of RDR, will soon be sued for libel after the false headline regarding NMMI being terrorized by a rogue cadet. The person who drove menacingly through the box is NOT an institute cadet. Tucker has crossed the legal line many times and it is an easy lawsuit to win. The email from Policeman Charles Yslas was NOT shared with the Roswell record as Tucker indicated. If it was, he should name the informant who would face severe internal disciplinary action.

        Easy to see why Jeff has an open carry permit. He clearly needs a gun wherever he goes!

  3. Without laying eyes on record staff writer Jeff tucker, I feel like I know him well. He is extremely interested in the inhalation of harmful substances. He is always writing about cigarettes and today he was oozing about Nature’s Dairy becoming medicinal marijuana farm. Pastor David Walden Roswell Baptist Temple must just love Tucker as the preacher says grass is biblically and morally wrong. Is that the same bible that stoned gay people? How about all dem preachers who have sex with teens in their congregations?

    Jimmy Williams Jr oddly alerted us that Nature’s Dairy would not be a suitable location for a brothel or a brewery.

  4. Found this paraphrased by Danelope from metafilter which likely captures the disdain and contempt many nonsmokers have for chain smoking addicts:

    Quit your pouting smokers! You are addicted to cigarettes because you made the conscious decision to consume a substance which you were endlessly forewarned was addictive and hazardous to your health. Do not try to pin the consequences of your own deliberate selfish actions on anyone else. Do not expect sympathy or support for having addicted yourself to nicotene. Accept responsibility for your own body harming actions. Do not force others to share the deleterious habit which you apparently hate , but refuse to cease.

    Same to you, alcoholics, heroin addicts, and others.

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