Do you Steal Office Supplies From Your Employer?


Moral relativism roughly separates the liberal and conservative mindset. If you think it is NOT OK for somebody to steal your kid’s bicycle out of your garage, but it is OK for you to take stamps, envelopes, stationery, etc from your employer’s office supply, THEN you are guilty of unethically being morally relative.

Your reasoning is likely along the lines of you are underpaid and deserve a “raise”, but your boss is an asshole who does not give you the increase in compensation you deserve.

It was not surprising when I read young workers in the United States are twice as likely as older colleagues to steal office supplies for home use without thinking it is wrong.  All those missing paper clips, folders, and pens add up to more than $56 billion! One in five workers age 18 to 24 did not feel it was wrong to take home office supplies, stated the Spherion Workplace Snapshot,  which is a respected online survey.

ALISON GREEN writes insightfully about the dismay experienced by workers who get extremely high performance reviews and evaluations from their supervisor only to be devastated by a scant/insulting 0.25% raise!


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