Efficiently Looking for Love Online


Markus Frind makes around a quarter of a million dollars per month running an international dating site! His online dating site attracts more than 3 million people a day seeking casual or long term relationships.

Unlike Christian Mingle, who only profits when they actually hook up a couple of “Christians” with God’s Help of course,  Mr Frind’s POF free matchmaking site generates all its income from advertising revenue.

As mentioned, lonely people looking for companionship can sign up for free at POF and take a chemistry test helping the site to recommend compatible matches for the love seekers.

It is a secret to me why his site is significantly more effective than the umpteen gillion online dating sites that his space competes with, but over 3,000,000 unique visitors a day to POF.com is conclusive proof that Markus knows something about what constitutes a long lasting relationship.

An example of a line from a POM user’s Bio really impressed me “I can be a lover, a fighter but never a one nighter“. This rhyming phrase from a woman in Roswell,NM who is damn sick in tired of one night stands has to be a point of view shared by females world wide who are fed up with being only a sexual object of a man afraid to commit!


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