Efficiently Looking for Love Online


Markus Frind makes around a quarter of a million dollars per month running an international dating site! His online dating site attracts more than 3 million people a day seeking casual or long term relationships.

Unlike Christian Mingle, who only profits when they actually hook up a couple of “Christians” with God’s Help of course, ┬áMr Frind’s POF free matchmaking site generates all its income from advertising revenue.

As mentioned, lonely people looking for companionship can sign up for free at POF and take a chemistry test helping the site to recommend compatible matches for the love seekers.

It is a secret to me why his site is significantly more effective than the umpteen gillion online dating sites that his space competes with, but over 3,000,000 unique visitors a day to POF.com is conclusive proof that Markus knows something about what constitutes a long lasting relationship.

An example of a line from a POM user’s Bio really impressed me “I can be a lover, a fighter but never a one nighter“. This rhyming phrase from a woman in Roswell,NM who is damn sick in tired of one night stands has to be a point of view shared by females world wide who are fed up with being only a sexual object of a man afraid to commit!


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