Employee Punching Out Supervisor Caught on Video


Many Baby Boomers fondly recollect the song Take this Job and Shove It, I ain’t Working here NO MORE! Well this irate Walmart employee that you see in the video still shot below took it to another level when he knocked his boss out COLD in a break room altercation.

The video taken by a couple of female employees in a remote corner of the famous Arkansas retailer break room ended when an agitated black male employee knocked his boss unconscious with a powerful, potentially live threatening right cross(definitely his dominant hand).

The large black man in the blue cap had a right to be pissed off, irate, livid, and MAD as his much smaller, balding manager called him a liar and a fake in front of shocked spectators in break room. The boss was telling the home boy that he should not have to compliment him for doing his job.

If you look closely at photo, you can see the supervisor’s head snapping back creating extreme torque, twisting, and stress in his neck just prior to him falling almost lifelessly to the cold, hard cement floor. The negro pugilist put much of his huge frame and broad shoulders into the punch resulting is an impact that could possibly cripple or kill. Employees called for medical assistance as their boss lay motionless and limp.

Supervisors should be careful about crossing that line of decency and civility. No matter how incompetent your subordinates are, you can NOT insult your employees in front of their coworkers. Take it to HR and be professional.  You push any man into a corner and unpredictable violence can manifest. I am not claiming the black man was a model employee, but you went too far.

Cold Cocking your Boss in Break Room


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