Erroneous Text Book Claim about Black Poverty Levels


The following quote from a textbook on ethnic studies by James A. Banks represents a gross miscarriage of neutrality from a gentleman who professes to be an impartial scholar:  Even though African Americans continue to make progress in many areas of American Life, they still face serious challenges. ….. A large proportion of  of African American families and children continue to be victims of poverty. Mr. Banks, this begs the question of who is victimizing these victims. I am sure your answer would be unequivocally, White America.

Banks further declares than in 2005 36.6 million Americans were living in poverty which is more than 10% of ENTIRE population! 8.9 million were Negroes over a decade ago.. Banks did not seem to feel that the non-Blacks living in poverty were also victims. I wonder how Banks managed to get any publisher to allow his book on Teaching Strategies to reach the bookshelves?

White, Black, Yellow, or Brown, if one has no skills then one will be stuck working fast food or some other high turnover occupation. Mr Banks blames most of the Black poverty level on racial discrimination seemingly ignoring the fact that the equal opportunity employer law of the land is strictly enforced. How many Caucasians have had to endure the token Black colleague in the work place?

Finally, it is not a stretch of the imagination to speculate on Banks’ perspective regarding the spate of officer involved shootings of Black men in the United States of America.


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