Error in NBA standings


I caught a significant mistake on website regarding the standing of the Houston Rockets versus the Los Angeles Clippers. The Rockets have a record of  16-8 and the Clippers a won lost record of 15 wins and 9 losses. The standings indicate houston is one game behind the Clippers in 5th place when, in fact, the Houston basketball team should be one game ahead of the paper clippers in fourth. The Rockets have a higher winning percentage than the LA Clippers and should be the 4rth place team in the Western Conference. James Harden,  who specializes in hitting big shots, is rather lax defensively which will hurt them deep into the playoffs.

Does anybody know what happened with Calvin Murphy who was accused of  inappropriate sexual relationships with his five daughters around age 17? I read great article by ROSANNA RUIZ in the Houston Chronicle where she seemed to be leaning towards the point of view that the charges were bogus and the girls were trying to get cash outa the deal! I loved Murphy as a player and a commentator and hope he has peace.

The screen shot from reflecting the erroneous standings can be seen below.



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  1. Has anybody else noticed how you are forced to view the rip city app at the Portland trailblazers nba website? You can NOT even view the trailblazers website without purchasing the friggin ripcity app!!! They should fire the webmaster or whoever forced him to block the website.

  2. Dallas Mavericks just showed national TV audience why they barely qualified for the NBA playoffs. They were leading Spurs by 10 points with 7 minutes remaining before going ICE cold for 6 minutes only scoring a few free throws. They CHOKED with Dirk crying about being fouled rather than playing hard.

  3. Magic Johnson did sleep with a lot of horny white women his first year in the NBA just like Sterling said, but so what? I don’t think he was married and his long time girlfriend knew about the temptations of being famous and rich. Some of the white girls liked to brag they had been spanked by the Laker Stud.

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