Facebooking WITHOUT subscribing to FB


Everybody knows the FB ritual.  Friending, following and liking people you don’t know very well or do not know at all. Mark Zuckerberg somehow predicted this twitterish human need to be in almost constant contact and profited immensely beyond description.

So take a look at the following, you guessed it, Facebook post where somebody tries to anecdotally conduct herself in real everyday life like she would on FB.

Her humorous account does raise some serious psychological and sociological questions. FB interactions are fundamentally different than face to face social interactions which often require some courage, initiative and gumption.  On FB somebody can be sitting on the crapper while liking and bestowing profound love for a distant colleague’s poodle.

Again, read the account below for what would actually happen if you interacted in real life like folks on FB do. This lady after a few socially awkward eavesdropping thumbs up was being followed by police officers and a PI.


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  1. Sensitive and intelligent newspaper columnist Curtis Michaels writes that life gets better when one deletes their FB account. Curtis honestly reveals unhealthy obsessions can incubate for those who wallow in Zuckerberg’s conception. Standing in opposition to homophobic legislation and law can expose one to their employer who cannot legally fire you for being gay. Facebook terminated Michaels’ page for a day related to this.

    Thanks Curtis for having the gumption to dump FB and lead a real life with actual physical interactions versus the fake friending and unfriending codswallop that Bill O’reilly so detests along with spurious UFO incidents near Roswell NM

    1. Dear Curtis,

      I doubt you would support the FB policy promulgated by Jillian C. York:

      Sister Roma thinks using fake names is OK at FB. Facebook has a real name policy that encourages and supports malicious, targeted, blatant online bullying. Millions of people using names other than their legal ones are using Facebook in a healthy, genuine, sincere, and authentic way. They communicate honestly and openly with their friends and their anonymous online community.

      Roma is full of BS. What say you Michaels? Jillian is probably just the messenger here. She has done some exceptional work regarding sociological impacts over the function of blogosphere and the antisocial behavior it induces.

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