Facts about effect of Bond Elections on Property Tax


The 3 mill levy in Roswell has polarized the community regarding whether ENMU really needs the money to pay staff and faculty AND to maintain the funding for educational programs vital to the communities well being.

What you see below is the annual property tax on a Chaves county home that appraises for approximately $180,000. It shows the distribution where Chaves County operational  expenses accounts for $391 of the $1700 tax bill and the City of Roswell another $490. $80 is towards state debt service, $541 to Roswell Independent School District, and $122 to the mysterious PVCD.

You will also note that two previous bond elections give $114 to ENMU which is why so many denizens of the Alien City  oppose an increase of two mill to bail the junior college out of its reported financial crisis. Very few citizens in Roswell would oppose this property tax increase if they knew money awarded was being spent effectively. I have heard the two ENMU entries you see on this Chaves County Treasurer 2013 tax bill are being retired. If I knew this to be the case, then I would definitely vote YES for the three mill levy.

Chaves County Property Tax Bill
Chaves County Property Tax Bill



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  1. Dr Susan Neldon believes Chaves County Assessors Office is ripping her off. The County overvalued her property on east Berrendo road and admitted to the error in her property valuation. Yet they refuse to cut her a check for for their over billing!

    The NM department of taxation and revenue essentially ignored her protest which demanded an investigation. She is erroneously being taxed for Water rights for FIVE acres instead of the correct ONE Acre. Her and her neighbor are being double billed for mistaken overlapping property!!!

    County assessor Mark Willard has been uncooperative not acknowledging errors made on over calculating her property tax!

    Cowboy neighbor Jerry Desjardins is also irate over him and dr neldon being double billed.

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