Federal Government being Sued by Chaves County NM


The Chaves County Board of commissioners has announced that it will be party to a lawsuit against the federal government.  Roswell New Mexico is the county seat and apparently supports the position of county manager Stanton Riggs.

Riggs appears to be perturbed that the Bureau of land management wants to fast track the planning process .  The county is suing the United States department of the interior and the Bureau of land management .

Riggs brazenly declares that the role of the Board is more important  than the voice  of the general public with respect to planning about the proper utilization of public land.

This begs the question as to whether public official  Riggs was appointed or elected. I don’t envy the burden on his shoulders. BLM controversies are not unique to SW New Mexico.  Similar tensions exist in the great state of Colorado.


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  1. You bet similar tensions exist in Colorado, but they are of different nature. Workplace discrimination lives in our forests! Did you read the work of how Women have made great strides
    in the male-dominated world of firefighting by Krista Langlois? It is incredible that in a profession oh so important, that sexual harassment and abuse still exist!

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