Female Dentist Due for Prison Release in 2022


Clara Harris, a Houston dentist who ran over her adulterous husband with her car, was found guilty of murder in 2002. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison since Texas law gives jurors a lot of discretion in considering  circumstances that make criminal acts less offensive, such as the “sudden passion” of a wife who found her husband having sex with one of his many lovers. It is not just the Lone Star State that legally recognizes crimes of passion. It is a legal precept that is given a lot of credence nation wide.

Many people want to know if Clara Harris is still in prison for running over her husband, David Harris, multiple times in a Houston hotel parking lot. Yes, Clara Harris is still serving her sentence at the Mountview facility in Gatesville, Texas.

I believe Clara Harris should still be in Jail but would like everybody to know a little bit about the jerk of a husband she was married to. Her cheating spouse had multiple affairs including one with his dental assistant . He did not even try to hide it! He would show his wife scribblings on napkins where he had been flirting with a cocktail waitress, a Hooter’s Girl, or even friends of Clara.

David Harris was strikingly handsome and was probably hit on frequently. The part that had to be particularly devastating to Clara was that she caught David cheating at the same hotel(Hilton Nasa Clear Lake) they were united in holy matrimony! That’s right….Clara Harris ran over and killed her husband in the parking lot of the hotel where they were married!

The betrayed female dentist will get out of jail no later than 2022 and has filed, unsuccessfully, for early release multiple times. Her interview with Oprah Winfrey was touching but not effective in liberating her from incarceration.


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