Final Jeopardy Doldrums


One could not help but pity Jeopardy contestant  Megan as she could not conceal her disappointment at not qualifying for final jeopardy. She was in the red meaning she did not have any money to wager having to exit the stage of the most cerebral TV game show in history.

It didn’t boost her disconsolate countenance as Aleks Trebek politely berated her on national tv for not operating her signaling device properly. The longtime host sometimes forgets he already knows the answers while gently criticizing contestants for not getting an obvious answer.


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  1. I bet many of the Jeopardy contestants are bitterly disappointed at not taking home some cash. In this age of unfairly priced health care where the price of some surgeries is way off scale with the annual income of Joe Average, a cash injection from the show Trebek made a household word is quite welcome!

    Many surgeries and the attendant medical services such as airlifting to a hospital exceed double or even triple the median family income in the United States. Please fix this President Trump!!! ):

  2. Did you read the self promoting tripe penned by Justin Peters on how ” failing to become a millionaire” changed his life for the better?

    Does this self centered prick really believe people really care when most are just struggling to survive?!

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