It finally happened in Roswell


Curtis Folts and Phillip Dorst are a historical couple. They are the first two males to exchange marriage vows in Roswell,NM. Tess Townsend, of the Roswell Daily Record, was either misinformed or misinforming when she reported that the husbands have cohabitated for the last 5 years.

Their picture in the newspaper, at what appears to be the lounge of the La Quinta Inn, lists Curtis and Phillip Folts as the newly weds. This , at least heterosexually, indicates that Phillip is the wife and Curtis is the husband since Phillip’s maiden name is Dorst.

The homosexual couple tied the knot for the same reason marriage reluctant heterosexual couples say the nuptials. They can use the benefits enjoyed by legally married couples. More power to them and congratulations, but in a town full of  bigots and rednecks they should be alert and on guard.

Also Tess Townsend is to be commended for her funny, but marginally tacky , headline Meet the Foltses. I presume she is trying to piggy back on the well known comedy Meet the Fockers.

Finally, I was surprised that Chief Deputy Clerk Jeff Ortega hinted that the county clerk’s office has staffers that oppose same-sex unions. Ortega did state that despite the opposition to gay marriage by some, their job requires strict adherence to the law which now declares gay unions are legal.

First married male homosexual couple in Chaves County
First married male homosexual couple in Chaves County




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  1. If you believe what follows, how could any male gay marriage last. Homosexual attraction is often characterized by a localized response to body parts(a cute ass or bubble butt)or aspects of the person, but when interest in these traits diminishes through familiarity(breeds contempt), there follows a loss of interest in the person as a whole. In comparison, “straight” men are generally, in my clinical experience, not as trait-fixated. While some men may envision their ideal woman as tall, blond, blue-eyed, and large-breasted, we hardly see a distinct disinterest in women without these specific traits.

    1. David,
      I cannot speak to your clinical experience, however my real life experience with my husband of 8 plus years (we count the license for legal purposes only) I can assure any who might wonder that much like in heterosexual relationships (healthy ones anyway) as our bodies change, the things we find attractive tend to get more specific to those features of the one we love. My husband’s beautiful body is even more attractive to me now, and as he has matured I’ve found that other men look less and less attractive to me.

      Of course there are others who look quite nice to me, but it’s academic as the only one I wish to share that part of my life with, and the only one whom I find sexy enough to be able to fully give myself to is my husband.

      I’ve been as shallow as you suggest me and my peers are. I’ve known heterosexual men who were too.

      I thought you might like to know that love transcends such silliness rather nicely.

      Curtis Michaels (formerly Curtis Folts)

      1. Hear, hear, …. Mr Michaels! I love your efforts for the RDR. YES, love does transcend wanting a man for his body only. What a revelation, if praticed by all, would wipe out all the pain, shallowness, and envy that plagues humanity!!

  2. Curtis Folts states that mayor Kintigh quite literally screwed the pooch with respect to the animal rescue dog attack. I wonder if Curtis has a video of the alleged sexual encounter? He questions the intelligence of our mayor who did not openly oppose gay marriage. The city is empathetic with the viewpoint of Curtis as we all love our critters. Did you know that the inimitable Elton John is on record as saying Jesus would support gay unions? I believe he would too since choice of sexual partners is not a moral or ethical question. In an overcrowded world, gay sex keeps the love alive while decreasing the population explosion.

    BTW Curt, was the first sentence in your letter to editor a question or are you asserting that the mayor stepped in it? Also thank you for proving to the world that Roswell,NM is a relatively gay friendly and incidentally lesbian and transgender friendly town for a place full of cowboy, redneck types.

    1. I wonder what roswell stalwart and peppers grill and bar waitress Paula Chester would think about same sex marriages? Dylanne Petros wrote excellent article about this spunky woman who has been waiting tables for 34 years at Peppers! Can you imagine the people skills required for somebody to last for 34 years at a restaurant where rude people and control freak bosses abound?!

        1. Curtis,
          My I ask whether you are a trained writer or if you just picked up your exceptional writing ability naturally? I respect the neutrality and fairness of your pieces in the Roswell Daily Record. Thanks for being brave and happy amidst this crazy world we occupy!

    2. Curtis is right about the Mayor and makes some intelligent observations. Did he and his husband move here from Virginia? I was reading that Same sex couples will have to forget their plans to marry in Virginia since the Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to delay an appeals court ruling to strike the state’s gay marriage ban.

      It does not make sense that two men in love could legally marry in Roswell, but not in Virginia. Am I missing something

    3. You have to admire Curtis Folts. He reminds me of Frank Schaefer of Lower Manhattan who was stripped of his ministry and defrocked by the United Methodist Church for presiding over his gay son’s wedding. This town needs more of a “live and let live” mindset!!

    4. Read the work of Paul r. Ehrlich and Anne h. Ehrlich with regard to measures required to curb overpopulation. Some of the their talk is nonsense about how the dominant animal on the planet, us, is wasting its brilliance. We will self-extinct ourselves like the multitude of animals before us. One of the causes of that extinction will be that Freaky overdeveloped ORGAN between our ears.

  3. Would love to know what either Curtis Folts or Phillip Dorst thought about the woman who would not sell wedding flowers to a gay couple? I know both of you guys have been brave souls here in ultra conservative Roswell. Penny for your thought guys? Homosexuality is much more tolerated in larger cities than here and many are empathetic with what you have likely had to live through here.

    More than 100,000 dollars have been raised to pay the legal fees of a florist named Barronelle Stutzman in Washington state who was sued for refusing to sell a gay couple flowers for their wedding because of her close minded religious beliefs.

    The grandmother could lose her business, her home, her savings, and everything she owns because she stood for her religious beliefs and faith,

    1. Would love for Roswell gay hater Russell A Scott to meet this gay couple face to face so he could tell them how wrong it is for them to be so happily married.

      Scott is upset that a Christian owned bakery was forced to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. Christians like Russell Scott will continue to get singled out and made fools of as long as they continue to publicize their ignorance in their letters to the editor. Homosexuality is quite normal in the animal kingdom which we are a member of and idiots like Scott are the reason it was illegal in Britain long ago.

      Maybe he was unaware that a gay couple was legally married in his home town and this will drive him to the edge of insanity. You are only as big as what bothers you Mr Scott!!

      1. Glad to see that Randle Easley has as much contempt for homophobe Russell Scott as I do! We have seen him at Martins Mexican food and have wanted to give him a piece of our mind for a long time. We heard him mouthing off about queers.

        1. Russell Scott continues to display his hatred for gay people in RDR. Please tighten the leash on this dogmatic bigot editors. He wants to impose his narrow minded views on sexuality and actually believes young people give a damn about the views of an old man like him. I am so moved how those two guys finally tied the knot! You knew they were in love the way walked close to each other in Walmart very affectionately whispering sweet nothings.

      2. Russell A. Scott wrote letter to editor of Roswell newspaper in New Mexico urging many Americans to ignore Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages. Let’s be clear here. Scott, a Christian, is urging you to disobey the law of the land which is a sin against the words of our holy Bible!!

      3. Drag queen Tommy Sloan of Albuquerque and his boyfriend had A very naughty word keyed into the side of their car which was third act of vandalism the cute couple has had to endure. They want to move out of apartment to safer abode with help from the fund raising effort of Jesus Martinez.

        The male homosexual couple have been together over a year and moved in together several months ago and certainly should not have to tolerate tire slashings and knowing they are being watched by hate filled white trash. They have found no relief filing police reports with authorities claiming there is no proof the vandalism constitutes hate crime.

        1. Gracie Torres and Laura Buday of Tularosa could not not conceal their disdain for the lowlife punks who caused thousands of dollars of damage in high school library. Buday a voracious reader and bibliophile was manifestly crestfallen at the magnitude of the hateful destruction at the hands of the vandalizing psychopaths! Somebody knows who did it. Comment here to get the gutless scofflaws thrown in jail.

      4. Russell Scott and I have mutual friends. I believe Mr. Scott knows that his opinions carry no weight with me. He has never attempted to discuss this with me and I’m fairly certain he knows where I am since I now write for the newspaper he sends letters to so often.

        I must admit that ever since I saw Mr. Scott attempt to convert an empty chair to his faith (reminiscent of Clint Eastwood at the Republican convention of 2012) I don’t take the man’s anger seriously.

        Curtis Michaels (Formerly Curtis Folts)

  4. I want to be the first to wish Curtis and Phillip a very happy second wedding anniversary. I saw how happy the cute couple was that day at the hotel where one of them worked I think. I have not seen them around town recently and hope all is well. Love you two!!

  5. Homosexual student Luis Lujan a junior at Goddard stated local Starbucks barista put whole milk instead of soy in his latte as an act of hatred or disrespect. He wants the enactment of gay-straight alliances to be recognized in his high school. The millennial voice writer has to understand that you can not create laws or rules that will force people to respect a males choice to have sex with another male. This orchestra student listed himself as RISD junior who can be reached at la.lujan07@ in a feeble attempt at anonymity. The world is never gonna change and utterances of disrespectful taste will continue.

    1. Eric Campos(not the chiropractor in Carlsbad NM) was tired of being labeled a male and had the guts to transform to the gorgeous Aria Campos. He/She was so depressed at his/her marginalization that he/she attempted suicide in a town full of bigots and rednecks. Aria, thank you for having the balls to come forward and blaze trails for other transgenders who are contemplating suicide and just want to live peacefully without the hatred and name calling!

      There is so much respect out here for you and Luis lujan who is promulgating the value of gay-straight alliances. There was a redneck punk at Goddard High who joined GSA as a joke, but turned out the sod busting kid was actually gay. Whatever it takes to come out I guess. Peace to all independent of your sexual orientation!!

      1. I had a buddy named Justin Craft when I worked at Walmart. He worked there too and did not like gay people. I wonder what he would think of this. He left there and has a lawn mowing service I heard. I wonder if gay people would pay him to mow their lawn knowing his feelings. Maybe he has changed and understands why Aria did what she did.

      2. Reverends Lavonne Johnson Holt, bob Williams, dale Plummer all support the gay, lgbt, homosexual lifestyle despite the definitive scriptural prohibition of sexual perversion. How did these three preachers land in conservative Roswell,NM? Martha k. Romero would not get along to well with this group of liberal preachers who bend the word of the Bible to fit their personal needs.

        Nice touch miss holt for the correct feminine ending of a on Brava for Aria who changed from a he to a she. Social workers in Ohio face these type of issues daily. Putting aside personal dogma and just loving and helping is what it is all about!

      3. The talented musician and singer Derek Weikel passed away in Austin Texas June 29th. He was kind, loyal, and magnanimously gave to those in need. He did not let his American Idol appearances got to his head and remained humble until the end. God Bless you and your family.

      4. Millennial Voice writer Luis Lujan pens commentary on the terrifying first day of school experienced by LGBT+ students. YRBS or youth risk behavior survey reveals startling statistics about kids being called dyke, tranny, fairy and the fear, regret, depression and anxiety it induces. Thanks to this brave RISD senior for stepping up to the plate for his kind.

        1. Three cheers to Goddard High Senior Nathaniel Nate Jones for noting oddity with Jill Steins recount endeavor. The young man precociously observes that following the money always leads to the truth. He and Megan Pollock possess intelligence well beyond the video game playing milieu culture they emerge from

          1. Tristan Terence Herring is a talented second guesser denouncing Tom Burris for not declaring an impassable snow day on a day when 99.99% of city drove accident free to work and school. I would not hire the excuse making punk.

            Had he been on school sponsored trip out of town to something fun, he would not be bitching and whining with his petition.

            1. Is this the same Tristan who lives in Austin Texas? He is very opinionated and outspoken. Did not know he lived in Roswell. Would like to know what he thinks about Panda Express, Donald Trump and global warming.

              The Goddard High School student is the kind of kid who googles his own name and wants to be in middle of everything.

        2. Kaitlyn Ware appears unaware of the distinction between high school and vocational school. The only preparation for real world is that first job or actually doing vocational training like plumbing or auto repair.

          She also blames the teaching style of instructors for her inability to grasp math. If a student wants to stand out and get ahead, read the textbook and learn independently rather than crying about how the teacher is not sensitive to their learning style. If a kid is ONLY a tactile learner and hides behind that as an excuse, then they will not be able to hack it in the real world. Learning styles are often a crutch for lazy students and their entitled parents who expect all teachers to cater to their inferior child’s every whim.

          1. Glad I found this penetrating analysis about spoiled students and the parents who are part of the problem. One cannnot expect a 9th grader to have substantive insights, but I remember in elementary school, it was always the slow learners who the teachers classified or who self-selected as “kinesthetic learners” when this topic came up. Hands-on teaching was far more patient than lecturing. Lazy students like myself were called “visual learners” because we didn’t care to read state textbooks written for 10 year-olds. I sensed that the theory was trash then, and it’s tripe rubbish now.

      5. Dennis Jernigan pretends to be intelligent enough to believe NO PERSON IS BORN GAY. A little research into his background reveals he had gay male friends in high school and attended slumber parties where homosexual boys were sleeping in same room. His latent homosexual tensions certainly make him an authority.

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