Financial Woes magnified during Thanksgiving


Some of you, know doubt, are familiar with depressing irony of old couples divorcing after retiring partially Because they had been apart for around 10 hours a day during their work careers and then realized they did not have that much in common and could not get along once they had so much free time together.

The above scenario is infrequent, but happens often enough that it deserves some consideration in the name of marriage preservation.

During their working years Tina and Jim periodically lent money to Tina’s sister whose husband owed child support to a woman he had children with. Jim did not care much for the husband who should not have been financially burdening another family with his indiscretions.

Jim and Tina lent them over $5000 over the years never receiving a penny of it back further irritating Jim even though Tina thought the lending to loved ones was completely justified. Now that both are living on fixed income, Jim believes that it is high time Tina’s sister starts paying back some of what she owes since they could use the money for Thanksgiving traveling and other expenses.

To even ask for a loan from a family member is putting pressure on them and should only be done as a last resort. It could be argued that borrowing from siblings indicates the borrower is exploiting the relationship. If you have dug yourself a financial hole, do not take advantage of those that you presumably love. Try out one of those pay day loan places rather than borrowing money from sis that you probably will not pay back. You should be paying loan shark interest rates for overspending in the first place.

It almost goes without saying that Holiday Blues can be at least as oppressive and debilitating during Christmas when one remembers a gift from a former spouse with whom many tender and intimate moments were shared.


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  1. Even though most Orientals don’t observe American Thanksgiving they also suffer from depression during long holiday seasons. My son exposed to the excesses of American living grapples with melancholy frequently. I yearn for the days of austere self-denying practices where we all seem much happier.

  2. We had a delectable thanksgiving in Dexter NM awhile back. Mike Jimenez and his sister had a small but friendly gathering. I have been a huge fan of the Pokes football team in Dallas ever since then!

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