First Gay High School NYC-2003


The following snippets and paraphrasing of an AP article comes to you from an article written in Houston Chronicle way back in July 2003. The obvious comparison is the segregation that existed between white and black schools in America in our not too distant past.

First public gay high school set for NYC

New York City is establishing the nation’s first
public high school for gays, bisexuals and transgender students.(LBGT in today’s vernacular) The Harvey  Milk High School will enroll approximately 100 students and open in a renovated building in the fall. It is named after San Francisco’s first
out of the closet gay city supervisor, who was assassinated in 1978.

Most feel that it’s a good idea because some of the
kids who are gays and lesbians have been incessantly harassed and beaten in
other schools according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  He believes  building  the LBGT school will create a stress free learning environment without fear of unprovoked gay hating attacks. Everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation, has a right to a quality education.

State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long criticized the notion of an LGBT only institution. He insensitively declared:  “Is there a different way to teach homosexuals? Is there gay math?  I am dismayed that an individual in power could have such a callous and homophobic attitude about a very large percentage of the world population!!


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