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Very few members of my nuclear family are politically inclined as we believe many politicians run for office to further inflate their egos. We found this Vote for Joe Green flyer on our front door in Roswell’s Sorrento Estates subdivision one Saturday morning.

We were impressed because the doorbell rang once AND ONLY once before the courier quietly affixed the city council Ward 3 election circular to our front door. Saturdays are special quiet time for our family and we appreciate it when solicitors ring or knock only once. We reported Vivint to BBB and chamber of commerce for the intrusive way they conduct their door to door aggressive sales campaign often banging on our front door two or three times!

I think Joe Green’s election as Ward 3 city councillor would be a plus for the city and the Ward where he is raising his family of four with his wife of 20 years Sooky. Joe did not mention the name of his business on the pamphlet he is circulating. This is probably forbidden by campaign rules that do not allow “free advertising” while candidates are canvassing for votes.

My only minor criticism  of the flyer designed by Phyllis Smothermon, the treasurer , is that a small map of the region in Roswell that makes up Ward 3 would be an informative inclusion on the circular.

Vote Joe Green for Ward 3 city council position in Roswell
Vote Joe Green for Ward 3 city council position in Roswell



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  1. We know and love Joe Green and his family, but he only says change is needed with no outline or a list of things he will do for us if elected. Obama faked out the voters by promising change and look how screwed up things are now. Lazy people who expect handouts from government voted for Obama. Green needs to be more specific about his promises.

    1. Pastor Troy Smothermon just endorsed Joe Green and James MacCornack. The Church on the Move preacher states that “God built his throne on righteousness and justice” American pilgrims settled in United States to flee religious tyranny in England. Voting for candidates endorsed by church on the move could lead to a theocratic city government.
      Smothermon arrogantly declares “We are the majority, and we need to get in charge”. Sounds like religious tyranny to me. Vote for Caleb Grant to avoid a government run by “God’s Will”.
      Remember that Smothermon is the guy that went to Lubbock to pray for Berrendo middle school shootings in order to drum up publicity for his church which the RDR saw through.

    2. Marie A. Amen of Hagerman,NM laments a perceived slight published in the RDR ridiculing the zero percent turnout in school board election. Amen blames it poor logistics regarding location of polling sites. Only way to know if that is cause is to compare to previous years turnouts.

      1. If this is Dave Clary who wrote the absurd letter to editor, the RDR does have TWO Hispanic columnists named Jose Mike Jimenez and Adam Urquides!

        You whining liberal punks just like to bitch for the sake of bitching! With the election of our savior from the entitlement culture Donald Trump, your beloved LULAC had become quite flushable,

  2. News Flash—-Fred Moran is NOT BALD(Larry Griffin would agree), the chairman of the Chaves County Democratic Party shared this with Jill McLaughlin after endorsing Roswell Mayor Del Jurney for a second term. Moran’s powerful metaphor—- it’s like two bald guys fighting over a comb is the type of powerful rhetoric that propelled him to his current influential position.

    1. Wouldn’t you agree that Larry D. Griffin is even more self important than than moron? I mean Moran?

      Griffin wrote a letter to editor suggesting people actually care about who is on school board! Moreover, he claimed many people asked him about what they could do to improve the morale in RISD. Maybe a Half a percent of population even read the letters! Get over yourself Larry.

  3. Mike Holstun wrote letter to editor of RDR blaming the current city government for causing the Roswell population to decline from 2nd largest to 5th largest city in NM. Holstun believes electing Jerry Heck will somehow stimulate population growth apparently. Holstun is tired of political insiders or kingmakers running the show in Roswell.

    1. Thanks to Jeff Tucker of the RDR for revealing the type of tasteless remarks that were made at a public hearing conducted by Chaves County Manager Stan Riggs. Vincent Gonzalez thought it was the proper venue to tell a battered woman “joke” that went “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?” Answer: “Nothing, you have done told her twice!”

      Anders Sheridan, planning and zoning director of Chaves County, apologized for the woman hating joke that is representative of the wife beating culture in this region that needs to be eradicated.

      Don’t forget that we often laugh at the raw truth no matter how tragic and gender berating it is. I am guessing that Vincent Gonzalez has probably been excessively rough with his girlfriends and wives. Wonder how many times he has been married?

      1. I appreciate Jeff Tucker RDR for writing about the dumbass redneck who wanted to throw senator cliff pirtle in jail for trying to abolish daylight savings time. Pirtle mentions that changing the clocks twice a year causes strokes, heart attacks, and creates a greater likelihood of traffic accidents.
        The ignorant cowboy called in to the Roswell newspaper screaming at the top of his lungs to impeach Pirtle!

  4. You had to love the letter written by Caleb Grant in the rdr which was highly critical of social media like fb and Twitter. People bitch and moan about the mayor without knowing the facts regarding animal control policy and then ignorantly vent on the internet

  5. Wonder who would have run Enchantment Pest Control had Joe Green been elected? Would he have had time to run a business and be a politico? If so, would there be any conflict of interest between a bug killer and his political effectiveness?

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