Have we forgotten what Paul Hill did?


The following article titled Paul Hill and God’s Will credited to the pen name AWritingSighting is worthy of serious consideration. Why? Paul Hill calmly and resolutely murdered a Florida abortion doctor with shotgun blasts while justifying the homicide with claims he was defending the rights of unborn babies. Paul Hill KNEW that he was carrying out God’s will killing a doctor who performed abortions. How many other religious zealots are wondering the streets one tick away from committing similar heinous acts?

I vividly recall Paul Hill’s rather serene image on the evening news. He patiently explained to interrogators that he was defending the rights of the unborn and that he was executing God’s Will. My first impression was “what a principled human being”. This Presbyterian minister had the courage of his convictions and was not going to let anybody interfere with him carrying out God’s Will.

Then the bombshell! Paul Hill in 1994, at close range with a few discharges of his shotgun, had murdered a Florida abortion doctor and his body guard. As the victims lay on the ground with their lifeblood pouring out on to the concrete, Paul Hill laid down his weapon and patiently waited to be arrested. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2003.

Paul Hill never showed  remorse for murdering the doctor and his body guard. He was convinced that he would be rewarded in heaven for defending the rights of the unborn. In his last words before his execution, he encouraged others who shared his God Felt convictions to use whatever force was necessary to prevent abortions.

Does any of this remind anyone of the mother’s who have drowned/murdered their own progeny and then reported to the press that “God told them to do so” ?


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  1. This is Chinese for the Thanksgiving Blues. I am depressed that Thanksgiving is approaching since it will be first one since my husband abandoned me and our daughter. I admit I am not the best wife, but please give me and our precious daughter another chance Gerald! I know you hated abortion doctors, so hopefully you will read this.

  2. For more insight into the tortured mind of Paul Hill, please read his writings paraphrased:

    Many don’t realize that legal abortion is more or less a sin of omission by forbidding people to intervene as mass murder is taking place at abortion clinics. By legalizing abortion the government has deprived you of your right to defend your own relatives, and neighbors, from a bloody death. It is not unlike a machine gunner who is taking aim on bound peasants, preparing for their imminent demise, and you are forbidden to stop him. In much the same way, the abortionist’s knife is poised to slit the throat of the unborn, and you are forbidden to stop him.

    1. Dick Bartlett states that abortion is same as legalizing murder in his letter to editor to Roswell NM newspaper. I wonder if Dick might change his mind if his wife or daughter was gang raped and impregnated by a bunch of black meth selling meth dealers. Go ahead Dick, raise a half breed for a grandson and be be prepared to pay all expenses while reminding him his biological dad is convicted rapist who violated your wife or daughter!!

      1. Robert Lewis Dear, warrior for the babies, has been declared mentally incompetent to stand trial for killing a lot of people at an abortion provider in Colorado. Robert Lewis Dear looks up to Paul hill as a role model.

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