Gender Fluid Teen’s need for Attention could Follow him for Life


Adolescence is, no doubt, the most difficult time in our development. Hopefully Xavier Gonzalez’s decision to make the entire world aware of her bisexuality will not brand him as an attention seeker who could become an HR department nightmare.

The 13 year old  at Albuquerque’s James Monroe Middle school student calls himself gender fluid with a necklace and ear ring visible during KOB TV interview. At issue is the bisexual’s wish to wear a dress to his/her school’s prom. He/She claimed the school principal stated there would be consequences if Xavier showed up to prom donning a dress. One has to feel bad for principal Vernon Martinez and AP Jane Sichler. Martinez is a good man who likely never told Xavier there would be any punitive action for his desire to dress like a young woman.

If Xavier was older, this could be a potential libel case against him/her for impugning the character of well respected administrator.

Perhaps a more stable gender fluid person would have just gone to the May 15th prom with a dress on since a male wearing a dress in not explicitly prohibited in the school dress code. However, Gonzalez clearly wants the attention as he even created the Twitter hash tag #danceforXavier.

This kid is definitely more girl than boy as his actions definitely categorize him/her as a drama queen par excellence. The message this writer would like to send to Xavier is that once you go public with something like this, it stays with you for life due to the permanency of social media. Even if he regrets his/her unnecessary publicity stunt and deletes all his/her tweets, his/her immature attention seeking ploy will be recorded in blogosphere  forever.

When he/her gets to be an employable age and starts applying for jobs, many HR reps automatically Google job applicants. His publicity stunt suggests he/she would be a high maintenance employee. Message everybody: Think twice before you post something online or do TV interview. Your need for attention may come back to haunt you.

I remember the days when gay kids in school got bullied if they stood out too much. That was not right, but what this kid is doing is the other extreme and I hope his parents get involved.


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    2. Gay teacher Nikos Giannopoulos’ showed off his pride for the LGBTQ community as he donned a rainbow pin and sensuality gripped a lacy fan while posing for a photo op with President Donald Trump and first lady.

      the Rhode Island teacher of the year’s bold stand for LGBTQ rights has gotten international attention after the picture went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

      Giannopoulos, who teaches 11th and 12th graders at Beacon Charter High School for the Arts in Woonsocket, visited the White House with other teacher of the year winners in April.

      He said he wore the pin to reflect his love and gratitude for the LGBTQ family which has impressed upon him to be proud, bold, and empowered by my identity even when circumstances like his attraction to his students make that difficult. He brought the fan to celebrate the joy, freedom, independence, and toe tingling(incomplete citation-Christopher Frederick Palmer-Eastern Kentucky University-orgasm intensity comparisons)exhilaration of gender nonconformity.

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