Gentle Ribbing of the Pope


Proud to announce that blog owner approved the creation of a Keith Bell tag for his delightfully to the point cartoons which frequently excoriate the liberal   vantage point. Advocates of the liberal political ideology are not particularly dense in Artesia, Carlsbad, and Roswell,NM. This would lead one to believe that the RDR cartoonist would be rather popular in the region.

However, southeastern, NM is Catholic rich, I believe, which could get lovable Keith into some hot water with his most recent effort portraying the Pope as denouncing human actions being the cause of global warming. The top dog of the Catholic church is caricatured sporting a mitre(tall, pointed ceremonial headpiece) equipped with a a celsius thermometer. The pope is holding a piece of paper declaring Man-made Global Warming is real! Tax the Rich!  Oh, did i forget the crucifix along with a caption of Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

It is nice to note that Bell has not jumped on the Al Gore bandwagon which has done a nice job of creating a crisis where there is none AND will certainly take credit for fixing the crisis when the temperatures drop  due to natural  climate cycles.

Finally, this writer has extreme disdain for the Tax the rich Mentality-Occupy Wall Street louts which is comprised of an indolent and unaccountable segment of our population. These kind of people willfully declare that rich people should support them since they can not find a job to their liking.

Keith Bell's gentle jab at the Pope
Keith Bell’s gentle jab at the Pope

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  1. A tweet of SEMayer @semayer, who perceives himself as a journalist who loves gutsy watchdog reporting one day and creative feature writing the next, which stated in a Cindy Rodriguez Latina piece: Disgusted that a newspaper would print such a blatantly racist cartoon. Residents of Roswell, are you OK with this?

    Like the citizens of Roswell care what a clueless inflated ego from Bakersfield, California thinks about a cartoon when he has never set foot in the city and does not come close to understanding the context of cartoon he is criticizing. Steven Mayer needs to add some more words to his vocabulary and quit overusing the term racism.

    He is just trying to drag traffic to his site to generate ad revenue.

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