God has forgotten Me


God has forgotten Me were the words out of the mouth of dearly departed Nancy Reagan. The death of her husband The great communicator and so many close to her left the former First Lady doubting the existence of a transcendent being that actually cares about our well being.

These kind of remarks are quite common when tragedy strikes suddenly. Has God forsaken me or where has God gone, when uttered by lifelong Christians, provide ample proof against the claim there is a place for us other than the cold earth when we die.

When we are healthy and happy, it is way too easy to jump on the Great God Almighty band wagon. Even then, pondering homelessness, rape, genocide, world hunger , and the ruthless actions of politicians like Kevin Spacey’s character in the Netflix hit House of Cards underscores the extreme certainty that there is no God!

Atheism is the much more honest path. How many times do you hear an atheist wailing that God has let them down in an attempt to start a pity party? They don’t believe in magical beings who give a shit about humanity. They just engage their mental abilities and rational thought process to solve their problems.


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