God’s got it Covered


Most of the people I know who are overly reliant on the existence of a God have had a very devastating event in their life they felt God fixed. A friend of the family was very ill pushing him to thoughts of suicide. He attributed his recovery to a strong faith in the savior Jesus Christ.

I was reminded of him when we saw this blue Toyota Tundra in the parking lot of Farmer’s Market in Roswell,NM.  The front license plate tag reads God > I. No worries. God has got it covered. Tell that to the families of the 250 people who died on the commercial plane where the suicidally depressed pilot nose-dived the plane approaching terminal velocity slamming into the Alps. Why didn’t your God step in and stop the actions of pilot Andreas Lubitz? I am sure you would spout nonsense about how we all have free will and God would prefer that to the despicable acts of a nut case pilot who forever screwed up the lives of around 1000 people not to mention the tens of thousands of people who will never fly again.

I am sure the ignorant owner of the truck would say God has a reason for everything no matter how tragic the consequences, but I doubt any of the devastated family members give a damn about the opinion of someone who has never lived through such a horrific event.

To the owner of the pick up truck: You are only one tragic event away from changing your mind. It is easy to believe in a caring and loving God as long as your life is rocking along comfortably. One earthquake or tornado striking your house will likely alter your narrow minded point of view. Let’s not even mention a home invasion where you or people close to you are victimized.

Pick up truck proclaiming God has got it covered
Pick up truck proclaiming God has got it covered

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  1. I think that white pick up in background near Jimmy John’s with Outlaw Saddle Company sign is owned by a Christian man named Truman Schear. I bet he is more level headed about his religious convictions.

  2. Gary Justin Flowerree of Brazoria Texas lucidly points out that trusting the advice of a 2000 year old book of doubtful authenticity is fraught with peril. Paul Hill killed an abortion doctor based on his interpretation of biblical scripture. Gary erroneously believes problem can be fixed by understanding “Devine truth of God” Wars are fought and people are slaughtered over their respective notions of “Devine truth of God”. Keep the letters to the editor coming.

  3. I’m sure Margaret McMillen would jump on the God is greater than I bandwagon. The God of Israel just sat by and let the Florida shooter kill 20 people. What kind of God would let that happen? Why would Margaret worship such an uncaring supernatural being?

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